Music Therapy In Hospitals
Music is a powerful and non-invasive medium, making it suitable to engage with patients on the mental, physical and emotional levels. In the healthcare industry, music has been recognised as a form of therapy for patients suffering from various health issues and major hospitals are taking the lead in introducing music therapy to its patients.
Pianovers Meetup #58 Digest
Also gracing our event tonight was Nicholas, our photographer who had tirelessly taken photographs for Pianover Meetups for the past year. Even he is no longer doing this for us, he visited us tonight to say hello to everyone. We are happy that the bond that we have built in the group is strong and people feel part of the community! Welcome back, Nicholas!
Pianovers Meetup #57 Digest
We had a total of 50 Pianovers in the group picture tonight! This was our largest figure to date, the previous record having been set during Meetup #30 with 44 Pianovers in the group picture. Thank you, everyone present, for your great support! Seeing a big group of people with different ages, nationalities and background come together through the common passion for piano was gratifying. We strongly believe that music transcends boundaries and is something that should be enjoyed by people from different backgrounds!
Pianovers Meetup #56 Digest
Winny brought along cupcakes with musical notes that she had prepared herself. Through Winny’s contribution, we can see the passion inherent in the Pianovers community! Thank you, Winny, for your cupcakes! Also, this evening’s Mini-Recital featured many classical pieces which was a good contrast to the previous Meetups.
Halloween's Opening Theme Lives On After Four Decades
It is amazing that four decades after the movie’s release, people are still finding new ways of interpreting Halloween’s theme song. The original theme was created with simple piano music, however, sometimes it is simple things that really capture people’s imagination and withstand the test of time. As John Carpenter said, “Horror movies will live forever.”
Pianover Meetup #55 Digest
Stella played Jingle Bells, which was published in September 1857 under the title "One Horse Open Sleigh" and performed in Boston that year. It was originally intended for the Thanksgiving season but over the years became associated with Christmas instead. Today, Jingle Bells is a popular Christmas song sung by families around the world.
Tom and Jerry in "The Cat Concerto"
The use of classical music in classic cartoons started in the 1930s and spawned a whole new learning process for children and adults alike. For example, an episode of Tom and Jerry, the popular cartoon depicting the cat and mouse in a perpetual chase, titled The Cat Concerto, features one of Liszt’s works - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.
Pianovers Meetup #54 Digest
After Erika’s performances, we had an intermission and took this opportunity to celebrate Isao’s birthday. It fell on Sunday, that very day of the Meetup! Isao Nishida joined us since Meetup #14. Unfortunately, he was scheduled to return soon. He was a frequent sharer during the weekly Meetups and many Pianovers gained valuable knowledge from his sharing. He also participated in many events and the bond he established with fellow Pianovers went far and deep. To celebrate Isao’s birthday, Elyn brought along a birthday cake, which totally surprised Isao! All of us sang Happy Birthday happily, and cut the cake. Happy Birthday, Isao!
Pianovers Meetup Is Featured In The Straits Times
ThePiano.SG’s vision is to be the leader in connecting people in the piano community. Far from being just an online portal, ThePiano.SG conducts face-to-face events that allow pianists, piano music lovers and just about anybody related to the piano to meet, bond and network. Two months ago, Pianovers Meetup was featured in the Challenge magazine, the publication of the Public Service Division under the Prime Minister’s Office. It is then, truly, a feather in the cap when Pianovers Meetup has now been featured in the national daily, The Straits Times!
Pianovers Meetup #53 Digest
From South Korea, Jaeyong is in Singapore for holidays until December. A true piano enthusiast, he has been indulging himself in playing the piano during his stay here. Although Jaeyong is only here for a short period, he has formed a bond with Pianovers through Pianovers Meetup. We hope to know him better and that all of us are able to learn from one another and expand our knowledge.


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