Super Mario Bros
In the first part of this article, we looked at some of the most popular music from the Role-Playing game genre. This time round, we shall be covering two other game genres - namely Action and Strategy - which features music that has won Grammy Awards, including Best Classical Crossover album and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s). To have the very first piece of music from a video game to be lauded with such a lofty distinction, the implication is truly profound. So, where will video game music take us next?
Pianovers Meetup #78 Digest
This evening, ThePiano.SG is honoured to have Dr Quek and his wife, from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, grace our event. Three of our Pianovers, Albert, Siew Tin, and Jia Hui, had recently visited Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to play the piano for the patients, care-givers, and passers-by. They had told Mrs Quek about our Pianovers Meetup, and she was keen to join us! We shared with them that our Pianovers Meetup platform is made accessible to every person in Singapore. No person, because of his financial background, should be denied a chance to discover his potential, and we will continue to keep Pianovers Meetup a free event for everyone in Singapore. Thank you Dr Quek, and Mrs Quek for your support!
ThePiano.SG Online Store Now Sells Pianos
ThePiano.SG Online Store was launched in January 2018, and features the largest collection of piano-themed piano products and gifts, including jewelleries, stationeries, fashion accessories, fashion apparels, bags and travel-related items. Today, we are proud to announce that our Online Store now sells pianos! As a start, we have put up four Steinway-Essex pianos for your immediate purchase at an exclusive price!
Pianovers Meetup #77 Digest
Albert played 母亲你在何方 which was timely as Mother's Day is approaching and Albert wanted to dedicate this piece to all mothers and mothers-to-be! It was also heartwarming to see Brandon’s sister sitting beside him while he played and even exchanging glances with him. In fact, this Meetup saw the most number of duet performances!
Jessie Meng Yi Rui Xue, Grand Prize Winner of 4th Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2018
Eleven-year-old Jessie Meng Yi Rui Xue, emerged as the grand prize winner of 4th Steinway Youth Piano Competition (SYPC) this evening. Jessie is the youngest grand prize winner of the competition since its inaugural event in 2012. She topped eight other finalists aged between 9 and 16 years old at the competition which was held at School of The Arts Concert Hall. Jessie will represent Singapore at the Regional Finals of the competition in Taiwan.
Madge Ward Piano Mausoleum
The Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler contains a piano-shaped tombstone of Dr Madge Ward that may well be the only one of its kind in the world. Sleek and black, this 8-foot tall, 25-foot wide granite piano weighs 25 tonnes and is so prominent that people come from afar just to see it. When planning for this tomb, she initially faced objections from the local officials.
Pianovers Meetup #76
This evening, Jia Hui, Michelle, Zhi Quan, and Zi Huan from the alumni of NUS Piano Ensemble were here to perform pieces that will be also played in their upcoming alumni concert "Touched: Appassionata", on 5 May 2018, comprising pieces to be played on two pianos. At ThePiano.SG, we encourage performers to visit Pianovers Meetups to perform, before their actual concert, so as to gain more confidence and showcase their pieces to the our piano community.
Pianovers Meetup #75 Digest
This evening, apart from the usual group photo, we also had one specially with the teachers. This was the first time we had such a big turnout of piano teachers, part-time or full-time, and it was only right that we took a photo to remember the occasion! There was a total of 8 of us! At ThePiano.SG, we always believe that it is important to expose piano students to out-of-classroom experiences and we are glad that our piano teachers are aligned with us!
ThePiano.SG Pop-Up Stall @ Suntec
Over two days, 7-8 April 2018, a most elaborate pop-up stall, complete with the offerings from ThePiano.SG Online Store, was set up to showcase the wide range of piano-themed products and gifts that ThePiano.SG carries. Moving on, there are two more upcoming Pop-Up Stall events we are also involved in, and we would love to see you there - (i) 7 - 13 May 2018, Bedok Point, and (ii) 9 June 2018, Serangoon Gardens Country Club.
Peng Chi Sheng - The Runaway Pianist
Chronicling an 18-year journey in making pop-ish tunes that resonate with Singaporeans of all ages, local pianist, composer and founder of Intune Music Peng Chi Sheng’s newest piano instrumental album The Runaway Pianist tells an inspirational story of entrepreneurship, friendship and success.