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Due to the sudden change to alert Dorscon Orange, and after careful consideration of the current situation, community feedback and considering the safety and health of our Pianovers, we have decided to cancel Pianovers Meetups until further notice.

We seek your understanding and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this decision and we look forward to organising the next Meetup when the situation improves.

Thanks to all Pianovers who have been supporting Pianovers Meetups and our activities.

Please help to share this news with fellow Pianovers.

We thank you for your support and wish everyone good health! In the meantime, please remain vigilant, stay healthy and safe.

Together we can!

Highlights from Recent Pianovers Meetup
Mini-Recital New Format

Pianovers Meetup #101 onwards, we will explore the versatility of the piano with additional instruments with Ensemble Performances.


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Archive of Past Pianovers Meetups

Beautiful memories are made.
Friendships are formed.


Get to know Pianovers in our piano community now! You can read about their achievements, and watch the YouTube video recordings of the pieces they have shared with and performed for us at the weekly Pianovers Meetup!

Pianovers Meetup Statistics
Pianovers Meetup Statistics

Get to know who are the performers,
what pieces are played, and more.

What is Pianovers Meetup
What is Pianovers Meetup

Calling all PIANOVERS - lovers of all things piano - young, old, budding, virtuoso and armchair enthusiasts alike, make your way down to an exciting event just for you! Everyone is welcome at this friendly social gathering – no musical background required!