Pianovers Meetup #84 Digest
Heart-warming stories of our Pianovers who are parents themselves - Jenny Soh, Tan Eng Wee, and Rony Ang - were shared, and it's evident that parents' involvement in their kid's piano education is very important. Parents should spend more time with the kids than the piano teacher; their encouragement and motivation can most likely go a long way towards helping their kids in their piano education!
Pianovers Meetup #83 Digest
Albert today, with the inclusion of these two pieces, just clocked his 100th piece at Pianovers Meetup. This was certainly an achievement, as Albert became the first person to reach this milestone. What made this even more amazing is that Albert has never repeated any single piece, electing to play something different every week! Albert’s passion for piano, and the passion to play and perform are commendable. Well done, Albert!
Pianovers Sailaway #2 Digest
On 9 June 2018, Pianovers Sailaway #2 was attended by many piano lovers, and local artistes. Throughout the evening, many beautiful songs were played, across both the salon and the upper deck. Many people also took pictures and videos of the wonderful setup inside the yacht and of themselves with the pianos. It was certainly a very memorable and magical experience! Playing the piano will never be the same again!
Pianovers Meetup #82 (Hari Raya Themed) Digest
This evening’s Meetup was Hari Raya-themed. All of us busked in the festive mood, together with our fellow Muslims, and a series of Hari Raya themed songs were played - Suasana Di Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Raya, Seloka Hari Raya, Warna Warni Aidilfitri, and even a medley of Rasa Sayang, Burong Kakak Tua and Chan Mali Chan.
Pianovers Meetup #81 Digest
Gregory, who usually plays Chinese pop songs during the Meetups, decided to do something different today, and performed an English song - Sunday Morning. It was a really refreshing experience! At ThePiano.SG, we encourage Pianovers to try a wider repertoire and experience different types of music.
Joshua Hanitio and Tamandra Ford © D Flat Studios
D-Flat Studios presented Singapore’s first digital piano exam for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinations on 9 March 2018. Joshua Hanitio, 12, sat for his Grade 5 piano exam on the Grand Hybrid GP-500 Digital Piano, scoring a distinction, a first for music education in Singapore.
Pianovers Meetup #80 Digest
Tian Wei, who has special needs, joined us this evening. We had met his mother Angie at the Popup Stall @ Bedok Point several weeks back and she had expressed her interest to have her son play for us at Pianovers Meetup. We warmly welcomed both Tian Wei and her mum to our Sunday get-together! At Pianovers Meetup, we welcome anyone who wishes to grace our occasion and play a tune for us, and Tian Wei’s playing was nothing short of amazing! Thank you, Angie and Tian Wei, for letting us at Pianovers Meetup know both of you better. We are glad that we connected with you through this platform!
Pianovers Meetup #79 Digest
David's recent performances of Schubert's Impromptus inspired Erika to look into Schubert's pieces and convinced her to learn and performed one Impromptu for us today! Pianovers Meetup certainly gives us the opportunity to learn about other pieces that we may not have come across, motivates us to learn pieces which we might never would, and encourages us to learn from one another!
Super Mario Bros
In the first part of this article, we looked at some of the most popular music from the Role-Playing game genre. This time round, we shall be covering two other game genres - namely Action and Strategy - which features music that has won Grammy Awards, including Best Classical Crossover album and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s). To have the very first piece of music from a video game to be lauded with such a lofty distinction, the implication is truly profound. So, where will video game music take us next?
Pianovers Meetup #78 Digest
This evening, ThePiano.SG is honoured to have Dr Quek and his wife, from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, grace our event. Three of our Pianovers, Albert, Siew Tin, and Jia Hui, had recently visited Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to play the piano for the patients, care-givers, and passers-by. They had told Mrs Quek about our Pianovers Meetup, and she was keen to join us! We shared with them that our Pianovers Meetup platform is made accessible to every person in Singapore. No person, because of his financial background, should be denied a chance to discover his potential, and we will continue to keep Pianovers Meetup a free event for everyone in Singapore. Thank you Dr Quek, and Mrs Quek for your support!


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