Vexations - The Longest Piano Piece
Vexations was found with the inscription: “In order to play the theme 840 times in succession, it would be advisable to prepare oneself beforehand, and in the deepest silence, by serious immobilities”. The first time the piece was performed in a marathon performance was on September 9, 1963, produced by John Cage and Lewis Lloyd. Cage underestimated the concert’s duration, which went on for as long as 18 hours.
Haydn's Skull Returned After 145 Years' Separation
Joseph Haydn, a famous composer, was age 77 when he died because he was suffering from an illness for a long time. It happened in Vienna on May 31, 1809. After his burial, his head was severed and stolen. Two men who were interested in phrenology, bribed the gravedigger to steal his head. Pretty eerie, isn’t it?
Piano Recital Poster for International Women's Day Gone Wrong
Recently, Morley College in London was planning to put on an event celebrating International Women's Day when it unintentionally caused a public relations uproar. The college had produced a poster featuring a male pianist and no women performing on what was supposed to be a day celebrating women. Female activitists immediately took issue to this.
Sergei Rachmaninoff Suffered From Writer's Block
When Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 1 premiered in 1897, critics utterly condemned it. A critic and composer César Cui compared the piece with a depiction of the Ten Plagues of Egypt and brutally suggested that it would be well-received by the "inmates" of a music conservatory in Hell. Rachmaninoff fell into a depression that lasted for four years, suffered from writer’s block, and composed almost nothing.
Wolfson Pianist and Singaporean Churen Li Wins the CUMS Concerto Competition
Wolfson pianist Churen Li, who is also a Singaporean, recently participated in the Cambridge University Music Society Concerto Competition, and has been awarded First Prize. She played the Piano Concerto No. 2, Op.18, I (1901) by Rachmaninov. During this performance, she was accompanied by fellow pianist Antonia Huang.
Tchaikovsky Was Homosexual
Russia did not accept the fact that Tchaikovsky was gay and has been shunning that declaration. However, there were some letters which Tchaikovsky explained his likes and sexual attraction towards other men. They were hidden from the world. One of the letters read Tchaikovsky's adoration for a servant, “My God, what an angelic creature and how I long to be his slave, his plaything, his property!”
Wonder Woman Theme - Why It Is So Intense And Powerful
Many factors can contribute to a superhero movie’s popularity and success. In the case of Wonder Woman, the music plays an important part. How does the melody which is made up of the notes: E-G-B-B♭, create such intense and powerful feelings? Did you also get a hint of a banshee's cry in this theme?
How To Tell If Your Piano Keys Are Made Of Ivory
Do you know elephant ivory was widely used to make piano keys many years ago? This was because of its value and aesthetic quality, and its ability to absorb the fingers' perspiration. Compared to plastic keys, ivory piano keys can even help to reduce the chances of the pianist’s fingers slipping while playing. If you have an old piano, and you're suspecting if its piano keys are made of ivory, check out the following 6 methods.
Can I Play The Piano With Long Nails
Among female pianists, a common question that comes up in their minds is: Can I play the piano with long nails? For all their interest and skills in playing the piano, having long fingernails may present quite a fair bit of problems when playing the piano. Let's nail the nails problem.
How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Piano
In the case where you need to sell your piano, it is very common that you need to locate its serial number, because, combined with its piano manufacturer's name, you can calculate your piano's age and consequently determine its estimated resale value. Learn how to find your piano's serial number now.
Are you Tone Deaf? Do you have Amusia?
Amusia is a musical disorder which inhibits a person to process pitch, and affects musical memory and recognition. Amusia can be present at birth or sometime at a later part in life. It can also happen from brain damage. When you acquire amusia at birth, it is known as tone deafness, or Congenital Amusia. This type of amusia affects about 4% of the population. Acquired Amusia from brain damage, however, is more common.
Most Piano Keys Hits In One Minute
Portuguese-American musician Domingos-Antonio Gomes (born 1977), aka Antonio Domingos, made it happen. With his choice of Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, Antonio sets a record of hitting the key B7 a staggering 824 times, in just 60 seconds, which works out to be 13 hits in a second!
Auditory Illusion! Shepard Tone, A Tone That Goes Up Or Down Endlessly
You know the feeling when you always keep moving up? Just like the Penrose stairs which is an impossible reality, something that fools the human eye. A similar thing can happen with tones, giving you what you call an auditory illusion. The Shepard Tone is a tone that seemingly goes up or down endlessly – At least that’s what it appears to be doing!
7 Stacked Pianos And A Piano Marathon? It Can’t Get Better Than This!
Oh, the wonders of music! What can we expect from 7-stacked pianos and a musical charity piano marathon? Endless moments of bliss. Find out about Conor Hughes's annual Crosscause Project fundraiser on St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland, and Steinway and Sons' piano marathon in Singapore.
Petrof Upright Piano Magic Egg
The Petrof Upright Piano Magic Egg is an instrument like no other. With its 150 years of tradition, experience, patenting and innovation it surely stands out as a masterpiece. The genius behind its creation is Ing. Arch. Robert Fišer. The diligence, skill and single-mindedness of a hardworking workforce has made it more fascinating. Its shell is futuristic, breath-taking and elegant.
Top 20 Reasons Why Performing At Recitals Is Important
Piano recitals are actually good opportunities for piano students to bring their skills to the next level, and they are an important platform for boosting their confidence. In fact, the benefits of piano recitals and public performances for pianists are priceless, period. Here are the top 20 reasons why performing at recitals is important.
What Is An Ear-Worm, And How Do You Stop It?
The earworm is a catchy piece of music that rings through a person’s mind long after he or she has heard it. This piece of music seems to be lodged in the person’s mind and replays itself. Studies has shown that women are affected more, and it also tends to last longer for women. How do you de-worm yourself?
Yamaha Disklavier CFX Piano: Revolutionising Music Education
In October 2018, the Department of Music at The University of Alabama in Huntsville introduced a new, leading-edge technology that will change the way how students study music. It has become the first United States university to connect two Internet-connected Yamaha Disklavier pianos - one in UAH and the other in Beijing, China. As a result, this will significantly enhance remote classes and distance learning opportunities for students in the near future.
Highest Vocal Note Sung By A Male
On 27 December 2017, Wang Xiaolong of China set the Guiness World Record for the highest vocal note sung by a male. Wang managed to sing the E8 note whose frequency is 5,243Hz, well above the highest frequencies that humans typically manage, beating the last record held by Adam Lopez who sang C#8.
When A Chicken Plays The Piano Better Than You
In what must have been one of the most memorable episodes of America’s Got Talent, Season 12, a chicken stole the limelight as it played on a keyboard to screaming audience. Jokgu would play “America Is Beautiful” on a keyboard. By the way, did the chicken play with the left hen or the right hen?
Music and Comedy of Victor Borge, The Great Dane
One of the greatest piano comedians of all time was an American-Danish by the name of Victor Borge, whose career spanned more than seventy years. Victor Borge’s style of humour quickly won him fans. Borge passed away in 2000, at the age of 91, and the world had lost a natural comedian who had entertained legions of piano music lovers but Borge’s legacy lives on.
Pianos That Are Out Of The Ordinary
To some people, the piano goes beyond being a functional and aesthetically-pleasing instrument of music. In fact, the piano comes to life in various forms which are truly interesting and intriguing! Check out the Schimmel K208 Pegasus, Porcine Piano, Pink Steinway Butterfly Piano, and the Pianocktail Piano!
What Is A Leitmotif
A leitmotif is an extension of the motif, and allow the composer to bring the story to another level, such as to create suspense or to bring out emotions within the listener. In doing so, the leitmotif effectively binds the listener to the series of sounds, thereby raising the level of engagement.