Casio CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Piano versus Concert Grand Successful Premiere at Berlin Philharmonie
For the first time on March 2nd 2017, a classical symphony concert was conducted with an innovative hybrid piano, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid from CASIO. Right in the middle of the first part of the concert with the New Prussian Orchestra and pianist Haruka Kuroiwa, CASIO's hybrid piano played in direct comparison to a traditional concert grand piano.
Pianovers Meetup #38 Digest
Having played in the last Meetup and watching herself in the video, Gwen was elated by her own performance. That was why she returned this evening! Armed with a light sabre, Asher and his Dad played their rendition of Theme from Star Wars. It was very heartwarming to see both father and son seated at the piano and enjoying their father-son bonding over music!
A Human-Computer Piano Duet
Just as people ask if driverless cars will replace the joy of driving and if sending email kills the warm personal touch of writing a traditional letter, people too, are asking if it is really possible for computers to make music. Music, after all, has been an essential part of human existence for as long as civilisations have existed. Now then, to what extent can humans accept music that is artificially-created as part of their lives?
Pianovers Meetup #37 Digest
It was another Sunday evening and once again, it was time for piano lovers to gather at the URA Centre. Known as Pianovers, this group of piano enthusiasts comes together every weekend to meet, to bond and to share their love for piano. Each week sees not just the return of regular Pianovers but also the joining of new members. Regular members have also been bringing their families and friends, and this is something that we are certainly very happy about!
Piano on Santa Monica Mountain
The world of music has certainly had its fair share of oddities. A piano had mysteriously appeared on top of Ben Navis, the highest peak in the United Kingdom, in 2006, located only 200m from the summit. And across the Atlantic Ocean, in Santa Monica, California, another piano was also found on a mountain. Let's unravel the mysteries!
Pianovers Meetup #36 Digest
As ThePiano.SG builds a community of piano lovers, it is heartening to see people coming back week after week to soak in not just the melodious sound of music, but also the warmth of the close-knit community. In addition, people who came alone have returned with their families and friends. Seeing the community truly coming to pursue their passion, we couldn’t be happier!
Rimski's piano
It is amazing how music not only entertains people in the ways it is meant to entertain, but how its performers adapt it to suit their personalities and transform it in ways that one never imagined possible. Music and creativity go hand in hand, and when put together, they create magic that inspire people and leave them in awe. Olivier Cumming created his piano on wheels called Rimski’s Piano, while Gary Skaggs pedals his own piano bicycle along San Francisco's streets.
Pianovers Meetup #35 Digest
This evening we had many Chopin's works performed! Theng Beng played "Waltz in C-sharp minor, Op. 64, No. 2". Zhi Yuan, who recently joined us at the Meetups, introduced us to three Preludes from Op. 28: No. 4, No. 7, and No. 20. Ren Adachi mesmerised us with "Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. posth. 66", "Étude Op. 10, No. 12 in C minor (Revolutionary Étude)", and "Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23".
Lego Piano
Dutch pianist and composer Jeroen van Veen built a life-sized Lego Piano over a period of more than two years. Consisting of almost 30,000 second-hand Lego bricks, the idea of building the Lego Piano came about over a debate at the coffee table between Jeroen and his two sons. He gave his first public performance on the Lego Piano in his concert in Almere, Netherlands on Friday, 12 November 2016.
Pianovers Meetup #34 Digest
Eager to start the evening, Corrine and Wenqing were seen playing an impromptu duet. Theng Beng made his debut performance at The URA Centre today with the 1970 romantic piece "Love Story (Where Do I Begin?)". What's more, newcomer Sean Kong, at a tender age, impressed everyone present with Toccata by Aram Khachaturian!