Pianovers Meetup #99 (Halloween Themed) Digest
Let's take a moment to thank Kendrick for helping out with the Halloween decorations at Piano Park today! Together with Xin Hui, he started to decorate the place for the occasion at 5pm. Everyone applauded passionately for Kendrick in recognition of his enthusiasm, hard work, and professionalism. With this in mind, it is incredible to see many passionate Pianovers in our community, doing their part to make every Meetup as cheerful and merry for all of us and we all are very proud to be part of Pianovers.
Pianovers Meetup #98 Digest
The new Pianovers T-shirts is now available for purchase at ThePiano.SG, and it features the Pianovers’ metronome logo on the front, and the hashtag “#pianovers” at the back. Pianovers can now be ambassadors for piano music! And, did you already know about the new format to the weekly Meetups, starting from Meetup #101? Read all about the new format and related FAQs.
Pianovers Meetup #97 Digest
Pianovers who had watched John perform before would have remembered his unique way of playing: Leaving his handphone on the piano’s book stand as it played the music video of the piece he was playing, listening to the video with earphones, and playing by simply watching the video and not relying on any music score!
Pianovers Meetup #96 Digest
Pianovers are invited to bask in the atmosphere with their Halloween costumes and props, and to present pieces related to the occasion on 28 October (Meetup #99). In the spirit of the event, Pianovers can feel free to have a round of ‘Trick Or Treat’! However, Pianovers are advised to consider and plan their costumes with children in mind, as our Meetups are kid-friendly – we wouldn’t want to scare little tots away! That said, we can’t wait to see and hear what our Pianovers have in store for the themed Meetup.
Derek Amato Becomes Musical Genius After Severe Brain Concussion
In 2006, Derek Amato hit his head hard on a concrete floor in an accident. Although he suffered a severe concussion that resulted in partial deafness and memory loss, the experience unlocks the musical genius in him. He had never played the piano. Now, he became a pianist and composer, going on to play beautiful pieces to various audiences. He is one of the rare few individuals who experience what is known as acquired savant syndrome.
Pianovers Meetup #95 Digest
As the Pianovers Meetup soon approaches its 100th Meetup, the weekly session will see exciting changes to its format. Yong Meng announced that from the 101st session onwards, Pianovers can invite their fellow music-loving friends to perform as vocalists, violinists, or be part of an ensemble or band, together with Pianovers.
Pianovers Meetup #94 (Mid-Autumn Themed) Digest
With the Meetup happening on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, 23 September, the event was nonetheless themed according to the festivities. Some took the opportunity to dress their best (we had a couple of Pianovers adorned in Cheongsams) while others, brimming with excitement, were taking group photos to commemorate the special evening. It also brings us immense joy to see many regular Pianovers return and even bring new friends along to celebrate the occasion with us. We are so heartened to see our community grow from week to week, where last Sunday was like a big family party!
Pianovers Meetup #93 Digest
Today's Meetup saw Erika and her family arriving early to share homemade mooncakes made by Erika’s mom, Winny! Thank you! It is so generous and kind of you to share them, and to even personally deliver them to us. Also, Jeslyn is back with her father, Peter Prem. It was encouraging to see both dad and daughter of (what we know them as) the fun-loving Boogie Woogie family, back at our Meetup again!
Pianovers Meetup #92 Digest
The Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near! To soak in the mid-autumn atmosphere, Pianovers are encouraged to join the pot-luck gathering on 23 September and bring lanterns, mooncakes, and tea. It shall be a relaxing Sunday evening of delightful music and delicious refreshments.
Pianovers Meetup #91 Digest
Tonight, we had a whopping number of piano teachers – eight in all! It's great that teachers are bringing their students to Pianovers Meetup. This out-of-classroom experience and exposure are invaluable in helping them to gain exposure and interact with other piano lovers, both of which are beneficial to their learning process. Pianovers Meetup happens every Sunday at Urban Park @ URA Centre.


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