Pianovers Meetup #74 Digest
David delighted Chopin’s fans by playing Etude Op. 25, No. 2 by Chopin. Incidentally, this piece was only the first of many of Chopin’s compositions to be played tonight! This makes tonight’s Meetup session a seemingly Chopin-themed night, not unlike the Bach-themed Meetup #72 several weeks back.
Pianovers Meetup #73 Digest
Because it was April Fool's Day, Gavin had first jokingly said that he would be playing 4'33'' by John Cage, a piece that would involve sitting by the piano doing nothing, and letting the audience listen to 4 min and 33 seconds of silence, or rather, the ambient sounds around them. He played Concerto in F by George Gershwin.
Pianovers Meetup #72 Digest
This evening was different from other Pianovers Meetups, as the first part of the Mini-Recital was reserved for the celebration of Johann Sebastian Bach’s 333rd birthday. Every year, in March, Bach’s music and talent are celebrated in a global Bach In The Subways event, which sees performers going to public places, like metro stations, and play Bach’s works.
Pianovers Meetup #71 Digest
This evening, we have another senior, Henry Wong, who joined us for dinner earlier. Uncle Henry stopped learning the piano at age 15 but picked it up again only eight months ago, after a 55-year-old hiatus. Both Uncle Albert, and Uncle Henry exemplify the quality of 活到老,学到老 (One is never too old to learn)!
Piano-Yoga Lets Pianists Play Better Music
In recent years, people have devised methods to take care of the body to ensure that it stays in top form. Just as professional athletes watch their diets and have enough sleep so that they are in tip-top condition during training and on the track, pianists have their unique ways with which they take care of their bodies to ensure they are on top of their game. One such approach is known as Piano-Yoga, a relatively recent technique developed by virtuoso pianist Génia.
Pianovers Meetup #70 Digest
Albert is a helpful member of the community. He had asked if he could offer to help with anything this evening and offered to arrive at 4pm if necessary. On hearing that we needed drinks, he proceeded to buy four large sets of drinks for us (24 individual packs in all). What was amazing was that instead of buying the drinks from the Orchard area, he actually purchased them near his home, where they were cheaper, and transported them all the way by train to Orchard Central. Thank you so much, Albert, for your thoughtfulness and your kind effort!
ThePiano.SG Is Featured In Stories By Tanjong Pagar Centre
It was with great honour that ThePiano.SG was involved in the unveiling of two pianos at Tanjong Pagar Centre on 4 February 2018. We were interviewed, and we are delighted that the interview has appeared in the Tanjong Pagar Centre’s online magazine, Stories By TPC, titled "Music In The Key Of C".
Jazz Gig Brings Immense Joy To Dementia Patient
This episode showed the power of music for people suffering from dementia. While music has been known to bring joy to people, it can certainly be said that music brings immense joy to people who are suffering from cognitive disorders. Music has its own curious way of finding its way into people’s hearts and bringing limitless enjoyment to them.
Pianovers Meetup #69 Digest
Being the final Meetup before the Chinese New Year, Pianovers contributed snacks and those who attended this evening were greeted by a table full of Chinese New Year goodies. The food galore certainly gave a festive tinge to the already joyful event. To enhance the festive mood, many Pianovers even appeared in red! Today's group picture was different as well, with the loud shout of “Huat ah!”, reflecting the buoyant CNY mood!
Pianovers Meetup #68 Digest
Pianovers Meetup #68 was like none other, and was conducted at Tanjong Pagar Centre, a new commercial and residential complex located above Tanjong Pagar MRT. It marked another milestone in ThePiano.SG’s history, as we had been invited to unveil two pianos placed at Tanjong Pagar Park, a large, sheltered space in front of Tanjong Pagar Centre. The two pianos were from Play It Forward Singapore, now currently in its Season 7.