Pianovers Recital 2019

Celebrate with Pianovers the 3rd Anniversary of Pianovers Meetup!

Schimmel Grand Piano / Stage Recital / Wider Audience
Movie Themed / Piano Lovers


Pianovers Meetup

Calling all PIANOVERS - lovers of all things piano - young, old, budding, virtuoso and armchair enthusiasts alike, make your way down to an exciting event just for you! Everyone is welcome at this friendly social gathering – no musical background required!


Get to know Pianovers in our piano community now! You can read about their achievements, and watch the YouTube video recordings of the pieces they have shared with and performed for us at the weekly Pianovers Meetup!

Pianovers Talents

Pianovers Talents is all about supporting our fellow aspiring musicians progress and advance in their pursuit of musical passion, take to the stage and realise their dreams of performing at a recital, by providing them with the formal recital environment and authentic performance experience.

Whether you want to boost your confidence in public performances, have a dress rehearsal for your upcoming exams and recitals, or build a bigger performing portfolio, Pianovers Talents is for you!



Pianovers Sailaway #2
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Pre-boarding group picture
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Group of Pianovers enjoying the seabreeze
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Julia Goh, and Gregory Goh playing the piano on the flybridge
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Vanessa Yu, and Mitchell Chapman playing the piano in the saloon
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Aerial shot of the yacht #2
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Beautiful sunset
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Mini-Recital, Junn performing #2
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Fireworks #9

~ 4 pianos ~ Buffet Dinner ~ Mini-Recital ~
~ Sunset ~ Flying Drone ~ Fireworks ~
~ Piano Lovers ~

Pianovers Hours
Pianovers Hours, Essex piano
Pianovers Hours, Siew Tin, and May Ling with Pianovers Hours poster
Pianovers Hours, Start of Pianovers Hours
Pianovers Hours, Poster at the House's entrance
Pianovers Hours, Dinner is served #2
Pianovers Hours, Group picture
Pianovers Hours, Elyn
Pianovers Hours, Joseph playing #2

Indulge in an evening of piano music with Pianovers over dinner!

Grand Piano / Mini-Recital / Main-Course Dinner / Free-flow drinks
Speaker Sharing / Recital Showcase / Piano Lovers

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