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Pianovers Sailaway #2
Casio CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500 in Saloon
Pianovers having fun in the Saloon
Pianovers enjoying on the flybridge
Casio CELVIANO AP-460 on flybridge


9 Jun 2018
4pm - 10pm

~ 4 Pianos ~ Sunset ~ Mini-Recital ~
~ Buffet Dinner ~ Fireworks ~ Flying Drone ~
~ Piano Lovers ~


Playing The Piano Will Never Be The Same Again
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Group of Pianovers enjoying the seabreeze
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Junn, Gregory, and Julia applauding after their playing of a piece
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Vanessa Yu, and Mitchell Chapman playing piano in the saloon
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Lawrence, Jing Lin, Siok Hua, Xuefen, and Jim

Set sail on the southern seas with Pianovers as you titillate your senses with the melody of musical notes. Relish every moment on the open deck of the luxurious, 68-foot long yacht. As the balsamic yet invigorating sea breeze caresses the lapping waves, listen to famous piano compositions played by Pianovers, before indulging yourself with your favourite pieces on the pianos.




Enchanting Sunset
Friends and pianist against sunset
Pianovers Sailaway Pre-Event Shoot, Sueli playing against the sunset
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Vanessa Yu, and Mitchell Chapman with a romantic sunset
Pianovers Sailaway 2016, Aerial shot of the yacht #11
Pianovers with hands up in the wind
Admire the golden glow of the distant sun as it starts its descent into the horizon, painting a warm picture of serenity on the yacht. Looking out from the flybridge at twilight, while taking in the sights and smells of the open sea, makes for a truly magical moment. This is an undoubtedly unique experience, exclusively for you.


Delectable Buffet Dinner
Pianovers having nice buffet
Smoked Salmon
Spiced Butter Chicken
Blue Swimmer Crab Tartlets
Cajun Spiced Salmon
Awaken your culinary senses with the delectable buffet spread on offer. With a seven-course dinner worthy of the classiest restaurants to satisfy the most discerning palate, there is definitely something for everyone. Savour a glass of champagne and share a musical tip or two with fellow Pianovers.


Free Flow Wines
Wines against sunset on board the yacht
Enjoy a free flow of exceptional, award-winning wines from the pristine Great Southern wine region of Australia at an additional cost of S$30 per person. There is no better place for wine indulgence than aboard a beautiful catamaran and against a dazzling backdrop of fireworks!


Realise your dream of performing on a yacht today! There has never been a more perfect setting to showcase your musical talent and amaze the impressionable audience. Bring your family and friends on an unforgettable musical serenade. Pre-book your slot and await the grand day!


Unlimited 4R Print-outs
Pianovers Sailaway 4R Print-Out

Put on your best smiles as our roving Photographer will capture your perfect moments, and send them to our Photo Booth on board for instant printing. Collect your unlimited 4R print-outs and remember these magical moments forever.


Dazzling Fireworks
Pianovers watching fireworks

Get ready for a visual treat as the idyllic setting unexpectedly gives way to the euphoria of dazzling fireworks. Illuminating the night sky over Sentosa is the immensely spectacular show of colour, splashing the still black canvas with bursts of multicoloured hues. Capture the memorable scenes for posterity or simply enjoy the moments quietly with your loved ones.


Time Activity
4pm Arrival at Sentosa Cove, One°15.
Take a pre-boarding picture with pianos placed in front of the yacht.
5pm Sail out!
Take pictures, socialise and enjoy!
Buffet dinner is served throughout the sailing.
5:30pm An hour of mini-recital.
Indicate your interest to perform during this recital when you buy the tickets. It's on a first-come-first-serve basis, and you're given about 5min. 
6:30pm Sunset photo taking.
Open jamming.
8pm Fireworks.
9pm Dock back at Sentosa Cove.
10pm End of event.


Photos of Pianovers Sailaway #2 on 9 June 2018

Pianovers Sailaway #2 was attended by piano lovers, local artistes and celebrities, and it was an amazing voyage into the open sea, yet. Unforgettable times with friends and everyone.


Photos of Pianovers Sailaway #1 on 4 Dec 2016

After months of anticipation, Pianovers Sailaway finally arrived! The sky was clear, and the sunset was awesome. Lots of music was played on the 4 pianos by the amazing Pianovers on board. Priceless moments.


Pianovers Sailaway #1 Digest
Pianovers Sailaway 2016

After months of anticipation, ThePiano.SG’s inaugural yacht event, Pianovers Sailaway, finally arrived. On 4 December 2016, Pianovers, along with support crew, descended upon the ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove for the yacht outing that would bring them out into the open sea. What would transpire in the next four hours would turn out to be the event that would become the occasion of a lifetime.

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Pre-Event Photo Shoot on 12 Oct 2016

Take a peek at the magical journey that comes with 4 pianos on board a luxurious yacht, complete with buffet dinner, sunset backdrop, drone flying around the yacht capturing aerial shots, fireworks from Sentosa, and of course, the company of like minded piano lovers!


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