Pianovers Meetup #92 Digest
The Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near! To soak in the mid-autumn atmosphere, Pianovers are encouraged to join the pot-luck gathering on 23 September and bring lanterns, mooncakes, and tea. It shall be a relaxing Sunday evening of delightful music and delicious refreshments.
Pianovers Meetup #91 Digest
Tonight, we had a whopping number of piano teachers – eight in all! It's great that teachers are bringing their students to Pianovers Meetup. This out-of-classroom experience and exposure are invaluable in helping them to gain exposure and interact with other piano lovers, both of which are beneficial to their learning process. Pianovers Meetup happens every Sunday at Urban Park @ URA Centre.
Pianovers Meetup #90 Digest
Waves of the Danube, by Ion Ivanovici, is a very popular and recognised Romanian tune composed in 1880. It even made its way into a Korean song - In Praise of Death, which was recorded by Yun Sim-deok in Osaka in 1926. Sim-deok met and fell in love with a Korean married man there. They boarded a steamship headed back for Korea but, sadly, jumped together to their death while on board.
Pianovers Meetup #89 Digest
Teik Lee performed a mashup of two pieces this evening. He did not announce the names of the songs he would play, leaving the audience to guess them after he had finished his performance. He also jokingly added that the first piece was somewhat related to the Seventh Month; he was alluding to the ongoing Hungry Ghost Festival. It is always fun to have quizzes during Pianovers Meetup, to liven up the mood and make the performance more interesting.
Music and Artificial Intelligence
The movements of world-renowned dancer Kaiji Moriyama's dancing on stage were translated into musical notes on a Yamaha Disklavier player piano, accompanied by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Scharoun Ensemble, demonstrating how artificial intelligence has made its foray into the world of music, in a whole new creative manner.
Pianovers Meetup #88 (NDP Themed) Digest
It was a special NDP-Themed Meetup today, being the session just before Singapore’s National Day! Thus, it was not surprising to see most Pianovers dressed in red tonight. We had a number of Pianovers who played familiar patriotic tunes and definitely brought us together even more. Happy 53rd National Day, Singapore!
Padouk | Steinway Special Collector’s Edition Crown Jewel
Again and again, the experts from Steinway & Sons set off on the thrilling search for extraordinary veneers, ensuring that new models can be created in strictly limited editions. They open up precious natural treasures – occasionally a whole tree trunk is needed to create just one grand piano, which can never be repeated.
Pianovers Meetup #87 Digest
I-Wen, 5 years old, has been improving! This evening, she was able to introduce herself very well and the pieces that she was going to play. She is now able to speak very confidently, and was very happy after her performances. Pianovers saw her jumping up and down multiple times. We were all very happy for I-Wen and are glad that public exposure has done her lots of good. Keep it up, I-Wen. We will support you during your piano-playing journey!
Pianovers Meetup #86 Digest
There are times at 5pm, when Yong Meng arrived at URA Centre and Mr Tan was already there. Upon seeing Yong Meng pick up the dead leaves in the premises, he took the initiative to assist. This evening, Yong Meng shared with everyone that Mr Tan is one of the silent heroes behind Pianovers Meetup. The fact that the venue is always clean when everyone arrives is also because of Mr Tan's numerous efforts! Thank you so much, Mr Tan, for helping us make Pianovers Meetup a much more enjoyable event!
ThePiano.SG Participates in 6th Meeting of Governors/Mayors of Asean Capitals, Ma Yuchen, and Sng Yong Meng
ThePiano.SG is honoured to have been invited by People's Association to deliver a piano performance at the Luncheon of 6th Meeting of Governors/Mayors of Asean Capitals (MGMAC) on 7 July 2018. This event, held at the Parliament House, was the latest instalment of the event and was hosted by Singapore this year. It was attended by over 40 delegates from the 10 Asean nations, and was chaired by Mayor Low Yen Ling, with Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources as Guest of Honor.