Pianovers Sailaway #2 Digest

Pianovers Sailaway #2 Digest

Playing the piano will never be the same again.

Following the successful conduct of the first Pianovers Sailaway in December 2016, Pianovers had been gladly anticipating the second instalment. Then, a group of about 40 people had gone on a four-hour journey on sailing journey on a 67-foot yacht, taking in the sights and sounds of the sea, while indulging themselves in the melodious music of the piano in a mini-recital and open jamming, before enjoying a fireworks display over Sentosa island. Since that landmark event, many have been looking forward to the next.

Months of anticipation finally came to an end on 9 June 2018. On this day, Pianovers Sailaway #2 was conducted. Nobody could have been happier than Sng Yong Meng, Founder of ThePiano.SG, who put this momentous event together. At 4pm that Sunday, Yong Meng arrived at ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove and met the crew, photographer (Esther), drone pilot (Tristan), photo booth staff (Wilma), Casio staff (Gregory and Von), as well as piano movers, first to set up the equipment for the event.

Gregory and Von from Casio helped to have the pianos placed in position – two CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500 in the lower deck and two CELVIANO AP-460 in the upper deck. However, to the delight of many, one of the two pianos destined for the upper deck was actually first placed on the berth, right before the yacht, ready for the pre-boarding photo taking. On today’s trip, there would be a photo booth on board to provide an unlimited 4R photo printing service, and the staff got themselves busy setting up their equipment at a corner in the saloon (lower deck).

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Walking to yacht #1
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Boarding
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Winny, Erika, and Hiro with piano

After Yong Meng had finished the setup with the crew, he went to the pre-arranged meeting point, in time to receive the group of people who had registered to participate in the Sailaway. Yong Meng gave the guests a briefing of today’s programme, before bringing the group to the berth for their anticipated boarding.

As the large luxurious yacht loomed before them, many started to take pictures. What a sight to behold! The pre-boarding photo taking started without delay. As we had a big group and time was tight, we needed to have a smooth workflow. Sail off would happen at 5:00pm sharp and photo-taking commenced at 4:15pm. This was nicely done by having everyone to form a nice queue for the pre-boarding photo taking.

One by one, Pianovers had their time with the Casio CELVIANO AP-460, perched beautifully before the majestic white yacht. While everyone had a different pose, all had smiles on their faces. What an awesome setup it was. Needless to say, it was a delightful moment for those participating in this event! The entire group had a group photograph taken before everybody boarded the yacht and it departed.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Group picture with piano #2
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Welcome drinks
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Group picture #2

The weather was extremely kind to us today. The sky was clear and nice clouds could be seen, heralding an enjoyable evening on the yacht for the group who had gathered today. Once the Pianovers stepped inside the saloon, they were served a welcome drink, as well as a warm towel, by the yacht staff. Yong Meng formally welcomed everyone to Pianovers Sailaway and introduced them to the pianos and the photo printing booth. Then, Captain Deen, the yacht pilot, did his welcome and obligatory safety briefing.

Following the formalities, some of those present took to the pianos and started playing, while others went to the upper deck and played those pianos there. Following the schedule tightly, Eagle Wings set sail at 5:00pm sharp.

Not surprisingly, many people took pictures and videos of the wonderful setup inside the yacht and of themselves with the pianos. The luxurious interior and furniture that befit the ambience were exactly what we needed for this piano-themed event. People could be seen checking out the yacht, which boasted a spacious interior, as well as a fine seating area on the outside. It was not everyday that people got to sail out to the sea on a luxurious yacht, so the folks present this evening was naturally excited! Individuals, couples and groups could be seen posing passionately at various locations around the yacht to capture the best memories they could ever have.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Albert, Winny, Erika, Hiro, and Siew Tin
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Aaron Matthew Lim, Kathryn Ng, and Shirley
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Gregory Goh #1

The Photo Booth started to get busy as the roving photographer went around the yacht and took memorable shots, before sending them to the photo booth for printing. The guests, of course, were anxiously waiting to see the take-home 4R prints! Each and every print the Pianover brought back is a piece of memory that last forever, one that will remind them of the wonderful experience here.

Throughout the evening, many beautiful songs were played, across both the salon and the upper deck. Many also felt that it was amazing that Casio provided the event with the digital pianos. These instruments were certainly excellent choices; the pianists were amazed and mesmerised by the sound quality of the top-end model. Even those who could not play the piano were amazed!

For today’s event, two complimentary tickets had been given out to Albert and Siew Tin, our regular Pianovers, to recognise their unwavering support for and help rendered during the weekly Meetups. Since the day they joined, they have been helping, every week without fail, to dismantle the equipment after the Meetups. They have been doing this entirely on their own initiative, without Yong Meng’s prompting. Albert and Siew Tin voluntarily helped with the Meetup logistics – this has happened for more than 50 times. Thank you, Albert and Siew Tin!

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Drone #2
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Tristan #2
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Drone #3

Since we set sail, an important person had been hard at work, too. Tristan, the drone pilot from Planitswiss, had been operating his drone, hard at work, making its way around the yacht. His nifty little aerial device captured many nice aerial shots and videos for today’s event!

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Food #1
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Food #2
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Melvin, Katy, Erika, and Debashis

A sumptuous buffet dinner awaited Pianovers. Pianovers took their turn to get their sustenance that would last them through the night. The buffet was amazing and comprised delectable dishes that everyone indulged in. Food is always something good for people to bond over and true enough, Pianovers were seen happily chatting as they munched into their dinner.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Peng Chi Sheng #4
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Peng Chi Sheng, Tay Sia Yeun, and Aaron Matthew Lim
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Debashis #5

There was something different about today’s Sailaway event. We had some local artistes with us this time - Aaron Matthew Lim, Peng Chi Sheng and Tay Sia Yeun. Together, they provided Pianovers with some entertainment. Chi Sheng played the piano accompaniment to an animation video played on the projector screen. This was an original music score that he came up with. Next, he played the piano accompaniment while Sia Yeun and Aaron sang a Chinese piece 荡漾, with original music by Chi Sheng. Last but not least, Debashis came up with the piano and delighted us with his piece Smell Like Teen Spirit.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Group picture #17
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Group picture #15
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Sunset

Time passed really quickly and before we knew it, 7pm had arrived. It was time for the sun to set and today’s sunset certainly did not disappoint. What an awesome sunset greeted everybody on board the yacht! The cloud formation high above the horizon, the orange and red sunset and the deep blue sea, came together and formed a superb backdrop very ideal for photo taking. Most of us simply put away what we were doing and indulge in the moment. As time stood still, we lounged at the bridge, resting on the sofa, bathing in the warm glow of the setting sun, and snapping our cameras away. Some great group photographs were taken, too, for posterity.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Jermayne Koh #2
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Sng Yong Meng, and Felicia #1
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Group picture #17

As the sky gradually turned dark, music took to the airwaves again. Some Pianovers went back to the pianos and resumed playing, while others stayed behind at the deck to enjoy the evening breeze. This went on for the next hour or so, before the time came to get ready for spectacular fireworks that would happen at 8pm.

As the yacht moved close to Sentosa’s southern coast, Pianovers gathered on the bridge, their cameras at the ready. Then, it happened! Vertical streaks rose from the horizon and burst into hues of yellow and red, amidst deafening explosions that reverberated through the air. The fireworks was short, however, for many, this was something wonderful to remember. It was a really magical moment for those who were fortunate to be here tonight to savour this togetherness. We took a group picture with the splendid fireworks as backdrop.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Siew Tin #6
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Erika #1
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Hiro #7

As the fireworks ended and peace reigned again in the skies above, the upper and lower decks resumed with more piano playing and merry singing that lasted all the way till the yacht moored back at Sentosa Cove. Our regular Pianover Siew Tin entertained us with 救姻缘, while Erika performed her rendition of "Waltz in E Minor" by Chopin. Hiro soon followed with "Clair de Lune" by Debussy.

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Bhee Tan, Janice Kng, and Shirley
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Alice, Felicia, and Catherine
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Group picture #21

A very thoughtful surprise awaited the ladies in the house. Alice, who owns Fun Florist & Nursery along Thomson Road, lovingly brought along roses for all the ladies present! It was a really sweet moment for the recipients, for whom the gesture was totally unexpected! We took a group photograph with all the ladies present holding their beautiful roses. Thank you so much, Alice!

Pianovers Sailaway #2, Wilma
Pianovers Sailaway #2, Sng Yong Meng #5
Pianovers Sailaway #2, ThePiano.SG

At 9pm sharp, Eagle Wings docked back at ONE°15 Marina Club. Before disembarkation, Yong Meng gathered everyone and expressed his heartfelt feeling about this successful event, as well as his sincere thanks to all for their support. He also expressed his desire to see the Pianovers soon again. Not forgetting those who worked at the back end to make this sailing journey possible, Yong Meng also thanked his crew for their hard work, as well as the yacht staff for the smooth running of the event. All in all, it was certainly a very memorable experience for all who participated in Pianovers Sailaway #2.

You, too, can enjoy this magical experience. Whether you are looking to conduct a private or corporate event, celebration, anniversary or wedding, you can book a yacht ride with pianos on board. Your own sailing journey will come complete with pianist(s), a photographer, a videographer, and a drone pilot. Needless to say, you and your guests will also enjoy a sumptuous catered buffet and beautiful fireworks. Get ready for a magical journey on the sea! Contact us at 87923477 or email us at yongmeng@thepiano.sg.