Pianovers Recital 2018 Digest

Pianovers Recital 2018 Digest

Since July 2016, Pianovers Meetup has been a common platform for Pianovers to perform, connect and bond over the love for music. In over two years, it has brought Pianovers together of all ages and walks of life to not only play the piano but also to listen and enjoy live piano music. We also welcome all music lovers to be part of our marvellous big family of piano lovers as we passionately assist fellow pianists to progress in the pursuit of their musical passion.

This year, in continuation of our annual tradition anniversary, we celebrated our second anniversary of Pianovers Meetup. Known as Pianovers Recital 2018, this celebratory event brought all Pianovers together into an auditorium and watched performers go on stage and perform their pre-selected piece. Pianovers Recital 2018 also served to commemorate the success of our incredible Pianovers' musical journey with us since July 2016, and the milestones and achievements of ThePiano.SG in the past one year.

Pianovers Recital 2018, poster
Pianovers Recital 2018, Elyn Goh at registration table
Pianovers Recital 2018, Ng Mun Yee, Peter Prem, Joshua Peter, Leena, and Jeslyn Peter

Pianovers Recital 2018 took place on 28 December 2018 at 10 Square @ Orchard Central, and was a full-house event. 

Before the event officially started at 7pm, the logistics arrangements went into full swing at 5pm. The Pianovers Recital 2018 poster was placed at the door leading to the auditorium entrance so that the guests walking out of the lift could immediately see the sign to guide them towards the registration counter. Three pianos then arrived at the venue - Yamaha Grand Piano C3X Disklavier, Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U1 Silent. The Grand Piano was placed in the auditorium while the others were set in the foyer.

A wall banner was placed up for photo taking session, and also acted as the backdrop in the foyer. The big TV was programmed to showcase a slideshow of images taken during our Pianovers Meetups in 2018. We also have Elyn Goh set up the registration table, and Ng Mun Yee the photo booth. 

Pianovers Recital 2018, Registration table #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Joshua Peter, Jonathan Lam, Teh Yuqing, Erika Iishiba, Xavier Hui, Jeremy Foo, and Yu Teik Lee
Pianovers Recital 2018, Jasmine Khoo, and Janel Chua #2

A few piano-themed products and accessories for sale were placed right next to the registration table. We were also delighted to receive a $200 donation for this year's Recital by an anonymous donor. This very same donor, in fact, sponsored the two electric fans and power generator in the earlier days of Pianovers Meetup, and had also donated numerous times in the past towards our various events. We are immensely grateful for your donation and would like to let you know that your generous gestures are making a difference at ThePiano.SG.

By 5.15pm, our talented performers arrived for the rehearsal and they practised until 6.30pm.

Pianovers Recital 2018, Pauline Tan, and her parents
Pianovers Recital 2018, Hiro, Erika Iishiba, and Winny Tunardy #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Joshua Peter, Peter Prem, Sng Yong Meng, Leena, and Jeslyn Peter

Guests started to arrive. The foyer was immediately filled with music as enthusiastic pianists played on the two pianos. Many proceeded to take pictures with the big Pianovers Recital wall banner as the background. It was amazing to watch the guests mingling, socialising, taking pictures, but more importantly having fun jamming together!

It was indeed heart-warming to see the mix of guests from family members, loved ones, friends and even members of the public here to support these aspiring pianists performers and also join us in the celebration.

Pianovers Recital 2018, Pauline Yong
Pianovers Recital 2018, Pek Siew Tin, Jonathan Lam, Teh Yuqing, Lim Ee Fong, and May Ling
Pianovers Recital 2018, Pek Siew Tin, Erika Iishiba, Max Zheng, Chia I-Wen, and Jenny Soh

At 6.30pm, guests started to go into the auditorium and presented their eTickets (QR Codes) at the registration counter, which had been earlier emailed to them when they registered for the event. Elyn Goh then scanned the eTicket to confirm the guest's attendance and presented the Programme notes, Yamaha brochure and a complimentary piano-themed keychain from ThePiano.SG Online Store.

At 7pm, a video was played to showcase the memorable moments from Pianovers Meetup and how families and friends were part of Pianovers. The video not only illustrated the last two years of Pianovers Meetup's journey and its community, but also showed Pianovers performing at other external events which made us very proud of them. More importantly, the video highlighted Pianovers supporting each other and building memories with everyone in the community.

Pianovers Recital 2018, Sng Yong Meng
Pianovers Recital 2018, Shuhei Yahagi
Pianovers Recital 2018, Shuhei Yahagi, and Sng Yong Meng

The Founder of ThePiano.SG, Sng Yong Meng, thanked everyone for their support for the aspiring pianists and the recital. He then shared with everyone about Pianovers Meetup's background and how we have all grown to become part of this big family of piano lovers. Next, Yong Meng invited Mr Shuhei Yahagi, Assistant General Manager of Yamaha Music Asia (For Musical Instruments and AV) to address everyone with a speech. We would like to say a big Thank You to Yamaha for being a partner in Pianovers Recital 2018, and for the wonderful Yamaha pianos provided for this important event!

Thereafter, Yong Meng shared about ThePiano.SG's recent achievements.

  1. ThePiano.SG's Facebook Page has received almost 10,000 Likes and accumulated a full mark of 5.0 review rating based on the opinions of 67 people.
  2. Pianovers Meetup has conducted 106 Meetups with a total of 2,278 public performances. We even witnessed the record attendance of 67 Pianovers at Meetup #106!
  3. From Meetup #101, we now add a new format to Pianovers Meetup to explore the versatility of the piano with additional instruments. This means that Ensemble Performances are now allowed, and performers can play the piano and another instrument, including vocals. 
  4. We have been helping our Pianovers build their performing profiles since day one. These profiles are now instrumental as we continue to provide Pianovers with commercial and performance opportunities that make their dreams come true. In particular, Pianovers had the chance to perform at the Wallich Residence's lobby and even be invited to deliver a piano performance at Parliament House during the 6th MGMAC on 7 July 2018 for Ministers and over 40 delegates from ASEAN capitals. 
  5. Our Used Pianos Listing is now on page #1 in Google, within two months of the start of this service to help match buyers and sellers of second-hand pianos.
Pianovers Recital 2018, Max Zheng performing #4
Pianovers Meetup #76, Max Zheng performing
Pianovers Meetup #78, Max Zheng performing

At 7.15pm, the Recital began! The first to appear on stage was Max Zheng. He first attended Meetup #76 in April 2018 and attended again at the recent Meetup #100. Known as an enthusiastic pianist at these Meetups, we hope to see him more often performing for us.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

Pianovers Recital 2018, Erika Iishiba performing #4
Pianovers Meetup #97, Erika Iishiba performing for us
Pianovers Meetup #99 (Halloween Themed), Erika Iishiba performing

Next was Erika Iishiba who joins us regularly at our Meetups. She first joined us at Meetup #48 in September 2017, and we are delighted to see that her parents, Winny and Hiro strongly support her. She started learning piano when she was six years old, and is now learning how to play the cello.

Nocturne in C# minor, Op. Post., KK IVa, No. 16

Pianovers Recital 2018, Jenny Soh performing #3
Pianovers Meetup #69, Jenny performing
Pianovers Meetup #95, Jenny Soh performing

Jenny Soh was up next, and she went up to the stage. Jenny Soh is a piano teacher who received a Bachelor Degree from NAFA, followed by a Masters degree in Piano Performing Arts from the Music Conservatory in Germany. Jenny herself is a regular Pianover and often brought her piano students along to our Meetups for out-of-classroom experience which help them gain invaluable exposure, give them a chance to interact with other piano lovers, and build their confidence to play in public settings, which is beneficial to their learning process.

Ebb Tide

Pianovers Recital 2018, Chia I-Wen performing #3
Pianovers Recital 2017, Chia I-Wen performing #2
Pianovers Meetup #106 (Christmas Themed), Chia I-Wen, and Jenny Soh

Following Jenny Soh was Chia I-Wen, who is Jenny's daughter. She first joined us at Meetup #36 in May 2017, and also participated in Pianovers Recital 2017. We mentioned earlier that we have witnessed a total of 2,278 public performances, and I-Wen alone has contributed a total of 62 towards that number! Check out her video performance and you will be able to feel her confidence in her playing as she looked around, and even had time to adjust her tiara while performing!

March of the Little Bears
When The Saints Go Marching In
Long Long Ago

Pianovers Recital 2018, Pek Siew Tin performing #1
Pianovers Meetup #98, Siew Tin, Albert, and Gavin Koh
Pianovers Meetup #100 (Celebratory Themed), Siew Tin just bought tickets for Pianovers Recital 2018

Next on stage was Pek Siew Tin, who first joined us at Meetup #16 in November 2016. She has given 103 public performances. Known as a very passionate adult learner, she's always keen to explore new pieces to perform. Siew Tin, together with Uncle Albert, always helps to tear down our equipment after each Pianovers Meetup she attends.

Pek Siew Tin was also the first person to purchase the ticket to perform at this Recital, just a few minutes after the registration window was opened at 9pm on 4 November 2018. She was so happy to receive the confirmation email that she posed for a photograph, not caring that her credit card information was plain in sight within her hands in the picture. We, of course, masked out the information for her.


Pianovers Recital 2018, Teh Yuqing, and Jonathan Lam performing #4
Pianovers Meetup #99 (Halloween Themed), Jonathan Lam sharing with us
Pianovers Meetup #83, Teh Yuqing performing

Jonathan Lam and Teh Yuqing were up next. Jonathan first joined us at Meetup #38 in June 2017. Every Pianover in this community carries his or her own signature, and for Jonathan, he mainly plays sonatas, etudes, classical and romantic pieces. 

Yuqing, on the other hand, joined at Meetup #79 in May 2018. He has performed many duet with different Pianovers. In fact, he is the guy who is adventurous to put on a pink hat, and cool to play the piano while crossing his leg!

Sinfonietta Op. 49, 1st movt

Pianovers Recital 2018, Jeremy Foo performing #3
Pianovers Meetup #75, Jeremy Foo, and Matthew Soh performing
Pianovers Meetup #104, Jeremy Foo, and Amos Ko

Next was Jeremy Foo, who first joined us at Meetup #69 in February 2018. He just recently completed his LRSM examination in 2018. Known as a very enthusiastic Pianover, he loves to play duets. If you're interested in playing piano duets, trios or ensembles, he is ready to perform with you any time at your convenience!

Fantasie in C major (Wanderer Fantasy), Op. 15 (D. 760), 1st movt

Pianovers Recital 2018, Xavier Hui performing #2
Pianovers Meetup #98, Xavier Hui performing
Pianovers Meetup #106 (Christmas Themed), Xavier Hui, and Jeremy Foo

Xavier Hui was next. Although he first joined us recently at Meetup #98 in October 2018, he displays a very passionate character. And he always seems to be enjoying himself a lot as he performs, evident from the pictures taken of him performing during our events. Today, he just played his first duet with Jeremy, the previous performer.

Nocturne in E-flat major Op. 9 No. 2

Pianovers Recital 2018, Charmaine Cher performing #1
Pianovers Recital 2018, Charmaine Cher performing #3
Pianovers Recital 2018, Charmaine Cher, and Herlina Ong #2

Charmaine Cher went up the stage next and this event, in fact, was her debut performance with us. Charmaine was invited by her piano teacher, Herlina Ong to perform. She started to learn to play the piano at the age of four and has developed her passion for music since then. She is also a member of Singapore Symphony Children's Choir and Singapore Lyric Opera Children's Choir. She currently plays the clarinet in her school band too. We hope to see her at our Meetups in the future!

Suite No. 8 in F minor, HWV 433, 5th movt, Gigue
Songs Without Words, Op. 102, No. 3

Pianovers Recital 2018, Jeslyn Peter performing #4
Pianovers Meetup #3, Peter Prem and his family
Pianovers Meetup #100 (Celebratory Themed), Pianovers taking picture at photo booth #13

After Charmaine's performance, it was Jeslyn Peter's turn. She first joined us at Meetup #3 in August 2016. She was one of the kids whom we saw growing up throughout the years at our Meetups. Yong Meng showed the two pictures to the audience - first, a picture of her at the height close to her mother's chin and a second picture that showed her at her mother's height now. It was indeed, a heartwarming moment to watch how much she has grown with us.


Pianovers Recital 2018, Group picture #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Janelene Leong, Adrian Huang, Chung May Ling, and Audrey Cheong
Pianovers Recital 2018, Mini-group picture

After Jeslyn's performance, we took a group picture with all the performers and guests, and go for a 10-minute intermission.

There were many people taking photos at the wall banner area in the foyer and the grand piano area in the auditorium. Everyone was very happy to be taking lots of pictures with their families and friends who were there to support the performers and celebrate their achievements at this event. Some people even went up to the grand piano to have a go at it by performing, while others jammed at the two pianos located in the foyer.

Pianovers Recital 2018, Pauline Tan performing #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Pauline Tan performing #4
Pianovers Meetup #5, Pauline Tan plays

By 8:30pm, it was time to go back to the auditorium to watch the next performer - Pauline Tan. She joined one of our Piano Teacher Outings back in June 2016 before the birth of Pianovers Meetup, and later attended her first Meetup at Meetup #5 in August 2016. Pauline is a very dedicated full-time piano teacher, who believes that her students should have performance opportunities. She invited one of her students, Shawn Lee, to perform at this event's Recital.

In Dahomey (Cakewalk Smasher)

Pianovers Recital 2018, Yu Teik Lee performing #3
Pianovers Recital 2017, Yu Teik Lee performing #1
Piano Marathon @ ION Orchard 2017, Teik Lee performing #4

Next was Yu Teik Lee, who first joined us at Meetup #34 in April 2017. Since joining us, he has been playing many of his favourite genres, ballads and movie soundtrack pieces. He also wants to share what he learned over the years to ignite the passion or renew one's love for piano and music. One of his favourite quotes is from Ludwig van Beethoven, "To play a wrong note is insignificant, but to play without passion is inexcusable.”

This is also something we at ThePiano.SG believe in. Since the beginning of our Meetups, we have been encouraging and motivating Pianovers to look beyond the occasional wrong notes. Instead, we want to celebrate the effort of a fellow Pianover's preparation when he/she registers to perform at our Meetups, appreciate his/her actual performance, and inspire him/her to excel further! We also encourage Pianovers to build and treasure friendships through our love and passion for the piano.

Moon River

Pianovers Recital 2018, Gavin Koh performing #2
Pianovers Meetup #56, Gavin following the scores on his phone
Pianovers Meetup #79, Gavin and Emmy performing

Next was Gavin Koh. He, first, joined us at Meetup #56 in October 2017. Known as a passionate self-taught pianist who started playing at the age of eight, he has given a total of 90 public performances so far at our events. As a regular Pianover, he has also been bringing his daughter, Emmy, very often to perform at the Meetups. 

Gavin Koh is helpful by heart, and he's always ready to help, which is evident when he selflessly volunteered to use his mic as an additional mic from Meetup #101 onwards, right after we introduced addition of Ensemble Performances to our Meetups. Even at this event's Recital, he texted Yong Meng to confirm if an extra mic is needed and if needed, he would bring along.

Home To Stay

Pianovers Recital 2018, Shawn Lee performing #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Shawn Lee performing #3
Pianovers Recital 2018, Pauline Tan, and Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee was next, and today is his debut performance with us. As mentioned previously, Shawn is one of Pauline Tan's students, and this performance will definitely be a beneficial experience for him.

Recitals often encourage the steady development and growth of a student. Students become self-motivated, more focused, and results-oriented. They will even listen intently to the teacher and really try to understand the meaning of the teacher's instructions. The students become serious about eliminating all errors and learning everything correctly. It definitely provides a tangible goal for them. By having a set date and a pre-planned performance selection, the students will learn to manage their practice time and understand how it feels to polish and perfect a piece.

See You Again

Pianovers Recital 2018, Jasmine Khoo, and Janel Chua performing #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Jasmine Khoo, and Janel Chua
Pianovers Recital 2018, Janel Chua, Jasmine Khoo, and their friends

Next was Jasmine Khoo and Janel Chua. Jasmine first joined us at Meetup #92 in September 2018. Today is, in fact, her first time playing a duet piece. Do you know that she enjoys playing duet pieces compared to solo ones? For Janel Chua, it's her debut performance at our events, and we look forward to seeing her more often at future Meetups.

Petite Suite L 65, 4th movt (Ballet)

Pianovers Recital 2018, Joshua Peter performing #1
Pianovers Meetup #2, Joshua Peter performing
Pianovers Meetup #60, Joshua Peter, and Peter Prem performing

Joshua Peter was up next. He first joined us at Meetup #2 in August 2016. Joshua, Jeslyn, who performed earlier, and Peter Prem are known as the Boogie Woogie family because they have been performing Boogie Woogie pieces since they joined us at the earlier days of Pianovers Meetups. Thanks to them, we all have been introduced to a much broader repertoire! Joshua can play the bass guitar as well, and is evident from a recent ensemble performance in Meetup #103.

Sock Hop Boogie
Night Train

Pianovers Recital 2018, Peter Prem performing #2
Pianovers Meetup #18, Siew Tin, and Peter Prem jamming
Pianovers Meetup #101, Peter Prem, and Jeslyn Peter sharing with us

Peter Prem is the father of Joshua and Jeslyn, and brought them to join us at Meetup #2 in August 2016. His pieces never fail to add an exciting mix to our Meetup's growing repertoire, from Tiger Rag, to Boogie Woogie Stomp, to Chorando Se Foi (Lambada). You might be surprised to hear that he has even performed a Chinese piece before, 爱与愁.

12th Street Rag

Closing the Recital, Yong Meng went up to the stage. He thanked Yamaha once again for kindly providing the pianos for this Recital, Elyn Goh for helping with the registration counter, Ng Mun Yee for helping with the Photo Booth, and everyone for their support in this event and hope to see them again.

Pianovers Recital 2018, Pianovers Talents

Before he ended the night, he shared a piece of news with everyone. A new event, known as Pianovers Talents will be coming soon. Stay tuned for even more performance opportunities.

Pianovers Recital 2018, Audience #2
Pianovers Recital 2018, Ricky Chang, Wesley Chang, Erika Iishiba, Winny Tunardy, and Hiro
Pianovers Recital 2018, Janice Liew, Elyn Goh, Pek Siew Tin, Winny Tunardy, Lim Ee Fong, and Chung May Ling

Everyone then continued to take pictures at the grand piano and the foyer area. The Recital might have ended but the night was still young as many went to the two pianos at the foyer and continued to jam away!

Pianovers Recital 2018 has concluded, but we all had an exciting and enjoyable night! We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for supporting us and riding this journey with us! We all look forward to a better Pianovers Recital 2019!