Steinway & Sons celebrates its 165th Anniversary with the world's one and only Padouk Piano

Padouk | Steinway Special Collector’s Edition Crown Jewel

Again and again, the experts from Steinway & Sons set off on the thrilling search for extraordinary veneers, ensuring that new models can be created in strictly limited editions. They open up precious natural treasures – occasionally a whole tree trunk is needed to create just one grand piano, which can never be repeated.
If you are looking for something singular and distinctive, we would like to welcome you in the world of exotic veneers and discover PADOUK, Black Limba, Poison Wood or Golden Madruna – veneer which are as unique as the instrument and so rare that you should not wait any longer.
The challenge of working with extremely delicate, paper thin veneers with their unique grains allows Steinway to once more demonstrate the skill of its craftspeople. Each piece of veneer is just 0.5mm thick and feels like premium paper. As they prepare to attach it, Steinway craftspeople ensure that the pattern matches precisely and evenly from one end of the piano to the other, even across the bevelled edge of the lid. Clients know that they own a piano whose distinctive look is unlike any other.
Each Special Crown Jewel piano has a diamond embedded into the fall board. A symbol of beauty and perfection. The white diamond perfectly matches the Special Crown Jewel ethos. Each stone has a certificate to prove that it has been ethically sourced. To complete this extraordinary collection, each piano is fitted with a Special Crown Jewels Emblem on the sound board to underline the uniqueness of this range.
This year to commemorate Steinway & Sons 165th anniversary; Steinway Gallery Singapore is blessed to house the WORLD’S ONE & ONLY PADOUK Piano in ION Orchard.
From the golden sands of Africa, the PADOUK Piano is made from a 100 year old PADOUK Tree the heartwood is lustrous coral-red to red-brown, even orange-brown and with a flawless certified diamond embedded into the veneer an uncanny symbol of a Crown Jewel piece a model O with SPIRO, which comes with the world’s finest high resolution playback system factory, fitted and comes with over 3,000 musical performances of Internationally-renowned Steinway Artists; owners can enjoy this very special gem in the comfort of their own home.