Steinway Gallery Singapore Presents the QuietTime ProRecord for All Steinway Pianos

Steinway Gallery Singapore QuietTime ProRecord
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23 January 2015, Singapore: Steinway Gallery Singapore proudly presents the launch of QuietTime ProRecord – a leading-edge silent system that transforms a Steinway into a private mini recording system with digital keyboard functionalities hence providing pianists extensive benefits and endless capabilities. An advanced system which offers recording, playback and enhancement capacities, the QuietTime ProRecord system can be used on any grand or upright piano from the Steinway & Sons family of pianos which includes Steinway, Boston, and Essex.

Advancing Piano-Playing with Technology

With the QuietTime ProRecord, musicians can now practice their pieces, record compositions, and play-back music at any time of the day. Pianists will have the option to engage in private practice sessions with the use of up to two headphones while they play. This would be greatly beneficial to piano teachers who would be able to carefully listen and assess the student’s playing at the same time. Pianists are also given the freedom to simply play a duet in private.

Through ground-breaking technology and innovations, pianists can now produce the highest-quality performance recordings and playback reproduction. A variety of audio enhancements such as 108 note polyphony, reverb and delay effects adds a digital synthesiser component to create a quality auditory experience.

Moreover, the system does not require it to be fixed under the piano keys which would otherwise alter the feel and touch of the keys. Hence musicians can practice and perform with familiar ease on their Steinway piano while enjoying the benefits of this technology.

Helping Musicians Perform At Their Best

With QuietTime ProRecord, aspiring musicians can spend better quality time honing their skills through functions such as passage recall. All recorded music may be called up at the press of a button which allows the user to listen and refine their playing. Additionally, the pianist may focus on key passages that they would need to improve on.

This system is also set to raise the bar for performance levels. With its user-friendly features, different volume levels and timbres can be set up. Steinway pianos with the system may be used in major events, hotels and bars by connecting amplifiers to distribute the sound of a ‘live’ concert evenly throughout different rooms. This would thus greatly improve the audio quality for performances hence giving the audience a state-of-the-art acoustic experience. 

The QuietTime ProRecord system is now available in Steinway Gallery Singapore. 

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