Upgrading of Steinway Upright Pedals

Upgrading of Steinway Upright Pedals
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Since 1853 when Steinway was founded, we always follow the principle “Build the best piano in the world” till today, we look heavy on the quality of our products and keep on innovating new products and upgrading the current instruments to fulfill different requirements from artists and music lovers.

We are glad to inform you that since January 1st, 2019, all Steinway Hamburg Uprights including model K-132 and V-125 will be equipped with three pedals.

The left pedal is upgraded to “dolce pedal”, which the main difference to the current left pedal is that you have no lost motion in the action and the repeatability of the action increases.

The middle pedal is actually the same as the new left pedal but the set-up is more extreme which means you can play really soft and the middle pedal can be fixed so that it is kept in function as long as you want without having your foot constantly on the pedal.

The right pedal keeps the sustain pedal.

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