How Does A Piano Work
Most of us know, generally, that the piano has black and white keys, and there are upright and grand pianos. But here's the interesting question - have you ever seen the insides of it, and understand how the many parts come together to produce the familiar piano sounds where pieces like Mozart's Turkish March, Beethoven's Fur Elise, Chopin's Revoluntionary Etude, and more; are based upon?
Can Adult Learn Piano
Oh, so you have an adult friend who talks about how it is a pity not to learn piano when she was a child, and it is now impossible because her fingers are too stiff and she's too old to pick up piano. Well, are you convinced? This urban myth is so common in Singapore that most interested adults find themselves dealing with this unnecessary psychological obstacle right at the start.
How Often To Tune Your Piano In Singapore
Tuning your piano is a very basic thing to do for any piano owner. But, just how often should you tune your piano to keep it in good condition? We know when it is the time to visit the doctor, to trim our nails, or to cut our hair - how about when to tune your piano? Also, why does the piano even need to be tuned at all? And for us living in hot and humid Singapore, do the usual tips and advices apply?
How To Register For An ABRSM Piano Practical Exam
ABRSM Piano Practical Exams are conducted twice a year, and thrice a year starting from 2016. And for each exam session, its registration exercise will take place a few months before. Be it you are a music teacher who wants to register your students, a parent who wishes to register your kids, or an individual who wants to register yourself; there are usually a few immediate concerns. For example, do you register online, or submit a manually filled up form? How much are the fees? Can you choose a preferred month to take the exam in? Well, dig in, and find out more!
Effect Of Piano Music On Fetus
You have heard that learning piano or listening to piano music during your pregnancy makes your baby in the womb smarter. Or you may have come across readings that suggest the fetus can develop to be more appreciative of music, or even acquire a talent for picking up musical instruments. Truth or urban myths? Let's find out.
What Is Bad About Exam Oriented Learning
Is your child learning just three piano exam pieces, and practicing the same scales and arpeggios day in and out every grading year so that he can take the piano exam? Sounds too familiar? Most importantly, is there anything bad with this approach at all, and is there even any good? Should you, as a parent, be concerned?
Classical And Romantic Period Symphonies
Symphonies are bigger pieces of works compared to Sonatas and Sonatinas, and are musical compositions usually scored for a concert band or orchestra. Classical and Romantic period Symphonies, however, are quite dfferent in their own ways. Let's explore.
What Is A Silent Piano
A Silent Piano is essentially still an acoustic piano, enpowered with the choice of muting the sounds that are produced when the hammer strikes the strings. Consequently, its main selling point would be that it offers the player a chance to have private silent practice, even in the wee hours like 2am.
What Piano To Buy For A Beginner
It is always a big dilemma for parents to choose a "right" piano for their kid who is going to learn piano for the first time. And the main concern runs roughly along this line - I'm not sure if he has interest, and I do not want to invest too much money to buy an expensive piano. Even if he has interest now, I wouldn't know it would last. Totally valid. So how do we weigh the factors, and balance them; so that the kid gets a decent piano?
Can A Grand Piano Fit Into A HDB Flat In Singapore
Whether a grand piano can fit into a HDB flat in Singapore, or even a HDB lift in the first place, is definitely an interesting and popular question to ask when you want to buy a piano. Given its big dimensions compared to an upright piano, we have always wonder if it is possible to live the dream of having a grand piano within our very own HDB living room in the heartland.