Change In ABRSM Piano Practical Exams Schedule And Dates From 2016

Change In ABRSM Piano Practical Exams Schedule And Dates From 2016

Piano teachers, music schools, parents or candidates must take note that there is a slight change to ABRSM Piano Practical Exams in Singapore from 2016. This change includes not just the usual graded exams, but the diploma exams as well, and will definitely affect the planning involved to prepare the candidates for the exams.

The table below shows the difference between the current and future exam sessions schedule.


Current Exam Sessions Schedule
  Graded Diploma
Session One Feb - Apr Apr - May
Session Two Jul - Sep July - Sep


Exam Sessions Schedule from 2016
  Graded Diploma
Session One Feb - Mar Same as Graded
Session Two Jul - Aug Same as Graded
Session Three Aug - Sep Same as Graded


If we look at the months that are part of the graded exam periods, there is practically almost no difference, albeit there are now three sessions, instead of the usual two. Candidates taking the graded exams, thus, do not have to worry about the time schedule planned for your exam preparations.

However, for diploma exams, Session One is now much earlier - 2 months; and there is certainly an impact on your planning. In the context of a piano calendar, 2 months is really a big deal. Candidates must now take into account this shift, and adjust their preparations accordingly to meet the Feb deadline. 

For Applicants (people who registers the exams on behalf of the candidates), you must now be aware of an additional registration period, following an additional exam session. Find out how to register for an ABRSM Piano Practical Exam, and learn more about the Exam Dates and Fees. Note that late registration entries will only be accepted three working days after registration closes, and you need to email within the three day period to submit your late entry appeal. There is also a late registration fee of S$100 per candidate. Candidates entered for one session cannot be transferred to another session after the relevant registration period.

Spread the news about this change, and good luck to candidates out there preparing for your exams!