Jenny's Music Theory Lessons During Circuit Breaker

Jenny's Music Theory Lessons During Circuit Breaker
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Jenny Soh
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Do note that Jenny's music theory lessons will go online during this circuit breaker until 1st June. Kindly drop us a message via whatsapp at 98256286 to arrange for a trial lesson. During trial lesson teacher Jenny will cover a few chapters of music theory from where you stop. 

The duration of the theory crash course online is the same with offline courses.

  1. *1 year grade 1 to 5 and 
  2. *1 year for grade 6 to 8. 


How do we conduct the online lessons?
We send soft copy of handouts and worksheets to students via whatsapp or email before each lessons, so that the students can print them out, complete the work and submit to Teacher Jenny for marking. Before the lessons, students will be given a web link where they can collaborate with other students and Teacher Jenny. During the lesson, concepts will be visually and verballt explained via a virtual whiteboard and student's homework will be presented and marked online with everyone. To make the lessons more interesting, interactive quizzes will be given during the lessons.

Due to high demand the weekend slots are fully booked and now we are left with weekday lessons on first come first serve basis.

Below are some examples of:

  1. 1 to 1 theory lessons for kids.
  2. Higher grades adults group theory lessons online.
  3. Interactive music theory games on test papers.

Above videos show how teacher interacts with students no metter it's individual or group lessons. In group lessons students can see each other on the screen and discuss how they want to arrange the notes for music composition classes.

Teacher Jenny will make sure the students can pass the mock exam in past year papers before the registration date to make sure students can get ready for the exam.


Grade 8 Melody Writing
In the grade 8 theory exams, most students struggle with the melody writing in question 3. For this teacher Jenny will introduce useful templates for students to write the melody. Also a comprehensive method will be taught for question 2 in completing missing parts for piano composition.


Thank you and have a nice day!