Do You Have Any Music Questions To Ask?

Do You Have Any Music Questions To Ask?

Ever wonder why some musicians play on the steps on the stage? Or whether you can learn an instrument if you don't know how to read musical notes? Chances are that there will be times when you, kids around you, or your friends might have some interesting questions about music that demand answers. How do we get the answers then?

"Google it!"  - I heard. 

Of course, given that Singapore has one of the highest Internet penetration rate and almost anything can be searched on the Internet, one would be surprised if the answer cannot be found via a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing; on your desktop PC, mobile phone, or a tablet like iPhone or iPad.

However, quite unfortunately, a search engine is like the sly Genie from the Magic Lamp, who would often interpret your wishes in a way you do not expect. Or from another perspective - Be careful what you wish for. 

Take the first question for example - "Why some musicians play on the steps on the stage". Try asking that in Google. The results are probably far from what you hope to get. In fact, after ploughing through many pages of search results, you still might not find the right answer. 

Ok, actually... you can ask the Genie in this way - "why do musicians play on the steps on the stage". Notice the extra instruction to ask Google to search only from the website "". Well, I cheated of course - I already know that the SSO Outreach Newsletter has that question.

So, the point is - the answer can be out there, but often unreachable for many of us, unless the question is phrased in the right way to ask a search engine. At worst, the answer is not even there.

There are of course your piano teachers, friends, and Facebook buddies to ask; granted they know. What if they don't?

Ask Auntie Melody!

Who is Auntie Melody? She is like the Aunt Agony column in a magazine, except this version of Aunt Agony does not address relationship problems, but those of musical nature. Auntie Melody will answer any burning questions you have about music. The SSO Outreach team has set up 2 communication channels which you can reach Auntie Melody at.

  1. Email your question to, or
  2. Mail it to 
    • SSO Community Outreach Department,
      11 Empress Place #01-02
      Victoria Concert Hall
      Singapore 179558

Remember to include your name,  birth date, identification number, address and contact number. Also, if your question is featured, you will win a surprise gift! Winners are notified by phone or post.

So, any question, anyone?