How To Register For An ABRSM Piano Theory Exam In Singapore

How To Register For An ABRSM Piano Theory Exam In Singapore

ABRSM Piano Theory Exams in Singapore are conducted twice a year. And for each theory exam, its registration exercise will take place a few months before. Be it you are a music teacher who wants to register your students, a parent who wishes to register your kids, or an individual who wants to register yourself; there are usually a few immediate concerns. What is the registration procedures for the ABRSM Piano Theory Exam? How much are the fees? Well, dig in, and find out more!

The ABRSM Piano Theory Exam is held typically in March and October/November annually. With the exams conducted twice a year, this gives you more flexiblity in the planning. Do note that, however, the registration exercise takes place a few months before the actual theory exam, and you might want to add an entry in your calendar as a reminder so as not to miss the registration period. Click here for the registration dates, exam dates, and fees.

There are 2 terms you need to be familiar with - Applicant, and Candidate. Applicant refers to the person who is registering for the exam, and making the payment. When the exam results are released, they will be mailed to the Applicant. In fact, all correspondences with the ABRSM Office can only be made via the Applicant, which makes the Applicant functions like the middleman. Candidate is the person who takes the actual grading exam. Thus, in the case where a teacher registers for his students, he is the Applicant, and his students the Candidates. You will be both the Applicant and Candidate if you are registering yourself.

Register online. You need an Applicant number and a password to log in. If you are new, you have to apply for an Applicant number first. The Applicant registration form will only open two weeks prior to a registration period, and close 3 days before the last day of registration at 5pm, Singapore time. After you log in the system, follow the step-by-step wizard to complete the registration. Get ready a credit card to make an online payment at the end of it.

There is a section - "Name of Presenter". Let's say, I registered my student "Tea Zhi Yuan, and he took the exam and passed. A few weeks later, the Certificate is mailed to me, and there is a line that reads - "Presented for examination by Sng Yong Meng". By default, the presenter's name is the same as the Applicant's. However, there are possible scenarios where the presenter's name need to be different. Maybe I, the Applicant, might want to use a different name, say, "Teacher Sng" to be printed on the Cert, instead of the registered Applicant's name. Maybe, the Candidate himself might want to use a specific presenter's name.

ABRSM Diploma, Choral Singing and Ensemble exams cannot be registered via the online registration services, and can only be done using the manual form.

All the best for your exams!