What Are The 3 Piano Pedals
Most pianos have 3 pedals. The development of the piano's pedals is an evolution that began from the very earliest days of the piano, and continued through the late nineteenth century. Throughout the years, the piano had as few as one pedal, and as many as six or more, before finally arriving at its current configuration of three. Starting from the left, they are the soft pedal (or una corda), the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal (or damper pedal). 
Piano Themed Japanese Anime Can Be Very Motivating
Motivate yourself today by watching some piano themed Japanese anime. They are extremely inspiring, both for teachers and students! After watching them, you might find yourself putting in hours of practice just to learn the pieces played by the characters! Here is a suggested list.
An Interview With Young Steinway Artist, Congyu Wang, At The Launch Of His New Cd Release, Charme
On 13 Nov 2015 1pm, at the Steinway Spirio Lounge in Palais Renaissance, Orchard, invited guests were present to witness Congyu Wang, a young and talented Singaporean pianist, share his new CD Release titled, Charme. Congyu, who is also a Young Steinway Artist, performed selected pieces on a Steinway Spirio, the world's finest high resolution player piano. ThePiano.SG conducted an interview with Congyu, and we are excited to share with you our exclusive interview content!
Young Steinway Artist, Congyu Wang, Debuts New CD Release, Charme
13 November 2015, Singapore — Young Steinway artist, Congyu Wang, returns to his hometown in Singapore for the last stop of his Asia Tour 2015, after performing in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The classical pianist will be debuting his new CD release, Charme, which features works by the 20th century French composer, Francis Poulenc. Congyu Wang will be playing an evening recital at the Alliance Francaise and will perform pieces from Charme. 
Play It Forward - SG Has Made Public Piano Playing In Singapore Possible
There's something special about walking past 2 pianos placed in the public where you can just sit down and start playing them. Because in Singapore, this is truly a rare sight. And I believe Play It Forward - SG could possibily be the first initiative that makes public playing piano in Singapore a reality. Awesome!
How To Correct The Hand’s Posture During The Piano Lessons
This doesn’t require you to be at the piano and can be practiced anywhere and anytime, you can practise on your table, in the bus, or in the train and you’ll find it achievable in no time!
How To Tell The Quality Of A Musical Chord
Music chords are very important to any musician and composer. When a musician plays a song, he hears the music moving from one chord to another. In fact, he recognises whenever the song ends, it's always a certain quality - a "going home" kind of feeling. To him, the quality of the chords in the chord progressions affect how he interprets the music greatly. To a composer, he can use a compositional device like borrowed chords to make an otherwise predictable progression sounds fresher; or perhaps by changing the chord quality to add surprise into a chord progression, e.g. C7 instead of C major chord. How does he tell the quality of a chord?
StaffPad App and Microsoft Surface - Write music digitally in the most natural way
The days of writing music on paper are about to change with the introduction of StaffPad App on the Windows Store. This music notation software completely revolutionises the way musicians input notes, musical terms, and directions; in the most intuitive way. Watch the video below to see why.
Congyu Wang New CD Release October 2015
Congyu Wang's debut CD will be released in October 2015. Titled "Charme", it comprises French Piano music that showcases the works of Francis Poulenc - 3 Intermezzos, 3 Novelettes, 15 Improvisations, and Melancholie. 
A Disabled Girl Without Fingers Plays The Piano
Today I saw a YouTube video of Gui Gui playing Souvenirs d'Enfance, and was instantly reminded of the FaceBook Share I posted in my Timeline 3 years ago, in April 2012, of the same video. And I want to share this to an even wider audience now, because an inspirational story might be a good vitamin for the heart of those who are learning to play, who wish to learn, or who have given up playing.
Remembering My Alexander Herrmann Piano
It seems appropriate that I write about a piano I owned some years back. After all, this piano was with me through the growing, as well as hardest and punishing years. There were sweet and bitter times whose details need to be shared, both to satisfy my desire to immortalise its existence, and to offer myself a chance to take a stroll down memory lane.
What Are The Letters Behind A Yamaha Piano Model Name?
What is the difference between a Yamaha U1J PWH, Yamaha U1J SG2, Yamaha U1J PEC, and Yamaha U1J? Looking closer at their names, you would be able to tell minimally that they are all U1J pianos. However, each name has a different set of letters behind, which can potentially confuse buyers, especially first-timers. Guess it is time to sort them out!
Convert Old VHS Tapes to Digital Content
For the newer generation, VHS (Video Home System) tapes might be unheard of. But to the middle age and elderly, most will be feeling nostalgic about them. After all, we used to watch many of our favourite dramas and movies, and even record overseas trips and parties on these old video cassette tapes. What if you still have such vintage tapes lying around somewhere, and would like to convert them into a more modern video format like the Mpeg-4?
What Are The Marking Criteria For The ABRSM Graded Practical Piano Exams?
Ever wonder how the ABRSM Graded Practical Piano Exams are being marked? Why is it that you feel you had played the prepared piece very well, but did not score a distinction? Will having a few slips during playing the scales and apreggios affect the marks a lot? If you cannot answer some aural test questions confidently, does this compromise the exam results significantly? How should you perform during the sight reading test to score high? Indeed, these are very common questions every candidate face, and probably uncommonly answered. Today, we take you to the secret chamber where the marking rubric is revealed!
Finding and Listening to Piano Exam Pieces Before Choosing
Looking at the scores of the piano exam pieces and wondering if a piece is suitable for you; is a familiar situation most candidates face, with many lamenting the poor accessbility to their audios of quality playing. If you can hear the piece while following the scores; it can, in many occasions, give you a higher confidence whether you should choose that piece. While sight singing can help, it does not give a complete picture of the piece's demanding expressions and intentions, and is after all, not a skill everyone possesses. Here are some tips on how to find the audios. 
Steinway Gallery Singapore Presents the QuietTime ProRecord for All Steinway Pianos
23 January 2015, Singapore: Steinway Gallery Singapore proudly presents the launch of QuietTime ProRecord – a leading-edge silent system that transforms a Steinway into a private mini recording system with digital keyboard functionalities hence providing pianists extensive benefits and endless capabilities. An advanced system which offers recording, playback and enhancement capacities, the QuietTime ProRecord system can be used on any grand or upright piano from the Steinway & Sons family of pianos which includes Steinway, Boston, and Essex.
Piano Workshop by Emma on 03 August 2015
It's natural for many passionate and advanced level pianists to look for ways to improve themselves in piano techniques, and in acquiring a deeper understanding of the pieces they're playing. Attending masterclasses, recitals, and workshops is one such popular way, where it's really a good opportunity to hear and learn from someone skilled and experienced, and willing to share. So, when I heard of a Piano Workshop on 3 August 2015 on the topics of phrasing and using singing to help the pianist express better, I jumped at it!
How To Play Piano Late In The Night Without Disturbing Your Neighbours
Many pianists have hit this bump that he really has to play the piano late at night due to either his working hours or the necessity to practice doubly hard for that audition, performance, or piano exam the next day. But in our tiny land-scarce Singapore, residential flats are built so close to each other, and it is not uncommon that a dog's barking or a couple's quarreling in the neighbourhood is audible enough in the slience of the night. It is, thus, important to find a compromise so that you can still play the piano without disturbing your neighbours.
Change In ABRSM Piano Practical Exams Schedule And Dates From 2016
Piano teachers, music schools, parents or candidates must take note that there is a slight change to ABRSM Piano Practical Exams in Singapore from 2016. This change includes not just the usual graded exams, but the diploma exams as well, and will definitely affect the planning involved to prepare the candidates for the exams
Do You Have Any Music Questions To Ask?
Ever wonder why some musicians play on the steps on the stage? Or whether you can learn an instrument if you don't know how to read musical notes? Chances are that there will be times when you, kids around you, or your friends might have some interesting questions about music that demand answers. How do we get the answers then?
ABRSM Graded Practical Piano Exam Syllabus
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), and Trinity College London (TCL) conduct piano examinations every year in many countries all over the world, with more than 650,000 candidates taking ABRSM exams alone. In Singapore, ABRSM is arguably the gold standard that most parents and schools recognise and go for. Even big and popular music schools in Singapore like Yamaha and Cristofori send their students for ABRSM piano exams in each qualifying period. So, what does a ABRSM graded practical piano exam syllabus comprise?
How To Register For An ABRSM Piano Theory Exam In Singapore
ABRSM Piano Theory Exams in Singapore are conducted twice a year. And for each theory exam, its registration exercise will take place a few months before. Be it you are a music teacher who wants to register your students, a parent who wishes to register your kids, or an individual who wants to register yourself; there are usually a few immediate concerns. What is the registration procedures for the ABRSM Piano Theory Exam? How much are the fees? Well, dig in, and find out more!
Change in Singapore ABRSM Representative Office's Address
The ABRSM Representative Office in Singapore is responsible for a lot of administrative matters related to the ABRSM examinations conducted here in Singapore yearly. It also ensures that the information flows properly between the London office and teachers. Thus, it is very important for Examination Applicants and Candidates to know its office address.
What Time After Must You Stop Playing The Piano At Night In Singapore?
In Singapore, we have many HDB flats built close to each other, each densely populated with families of typically between two to four persons. If you are a heartlander, hearing baby cries, couple's quarrels, and loud renovation works, are really not quite uncommon. Even the barking of the dogs or karaoke singings would remind you how close we are living just next to each other. Thus, it is understandable that being a good neighbour includes keeping noise level down. So, what time after must you stop playing the piano at night?