What Is An Ear-Worm, And How Do You Stop It?
The earworm is a catchy piece of music that rings through a person’s mind long after he or she has heard it. This piece of music seems to be lodged in the person’s mind and replays itself. Studies has shown that women are affected more, and it also tends to last longer for women. How do you de-worm yourself?
Yamaha Disklavier CFX Piano: Revolutionising Music Education
In October 2018, the Department of Music at The University of Alabama in Huntsville introduced a new, leading-edge technology that will change the way how students study music. It has become the first United States university to connect two Internet-connected Yamaha Disklavier pianos - one in UAH and the other in Beijing, China. As a result, this will significantly enhance remote classes and distance learning opportunities for students in the near future.
Highest Vocal Note Sung By A Male
On 27 December 2017, Wang Xiaolong of China set the Guiness World Record for the highest vocal note sung by a male. Wang managed to sing the E8 note whose frequency is 5,243Hz, well above the highest frequencies that humans typically manage, beating the last record held by Adam Lopez who sang C#8.
When A Chicken Plays The Piano Better Than You
In what must have been one of the most memorable episodes of America’s Got Talent, Season 12, a chicken stole the limelight as it played on a keyboard to screaming audience. Jokgu would play “America Is Beautiful” on a keyboard. By the way, did the chicken play with the left hen or the right hen?
Music and Comedy of Victor Borge, The Great Dane
One of the greatest piano comedians of all time was an American-Danish by the name of Victor Borge, whose career spanned more than seventy years. Victor Borge’s style of humour quickly won him fans. Borge passed away in 2000, at the age of 91, and the world had lost a natural comedian who had entertained legions of piano music lovers but Borge’s legacy lives on.
Pianos That Are Out Of The Ordinary
To some people, the piano goes beyond being a functional and aesthetically-pleasing instrument of music. In fact, the piano comes to life in various forms which are truly interesting and intriguing! Check out the Schimmel K208 Pegasus, Porcine Piano, Pink Steinway Butterfly Piano, and the Pianocktail Piano!
What Is A Leitmotif
A leitmotif is an extension of the motif, and allow the composer to bring the story to another level, such as to create suspense or to bring out emotions within the listener. In doing so, the leitmotif effectively binds the listener to the series of sounds, thereby raising the level of engagement.
Grand Piano at Raffles Terrace, Fort Canning Park - i Light Singapore 2019
Keys of Lights, held at Raffles Terrace at Fort Canning Park, is an interactive and captivating piano installation that encourages audience participation. Thanks to a built-in musical algorithm, visitors who play different notes on the grand piano will evoke visual images on the Lighthouse.
Piano's Black Keys Were White, and White Keys Were Black In The Past
All of us who are acquainted with the piano know that the keyboard consists of a series of white and black keys. The naturals, which make up most of the keyboard, are white, while the sharps and flats, which make up the rest of the keys, are black. However, what is not commonly known is that centuries ago, the colours on the piano were reversed (black naturals, and white sharps).
What Is A Music Motif
Simply put, the motif is a musical fragment from which longer notes are put together. Regardless of how they appear in the music score, motifs are an integral part of the composition. Although it makes up only a very small part of the overall composition it appears in, it is symbolic of the entire piece.
Akiko’s Piano Helps Us Remember Hiroshima Bombing Victims
Akiko’s piano had to bear the brunt of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The piano was badly damaged because of the bomb’s destructive heat and blast. Glass shreds can be seen still embedded in the woodwork of the piano. However, unlike Akiko, the piano was to survive the ordeal miraculously, and was finally restored.
Upgrading of Steinway Upright Pedals
Since 1853 when Steinway was founded, we always follow the principle “Build the best piano in the world” till today, we look heavy on the quality of our products and keep on innovating new products and upgrading the current instruments to fulfill different requirements from artists and music lovers. From January 1st, 2019 onwards, all Steinway Hamburg Uprights including model K-132 and V-125 will be equipped with three pedals.
Researcher Ordered To Play The Piano For Misappropriating Funds
Alexander Neumeister's high-flying career came to an end when he was arrested in 2017 for misappropriating funds. Rather being sentenced to a jail term, when the judge learned that he was a trained pianist, Neumeister was ordered to play the piano at least twice a week for the next three years in various elderly care facilities.
Cadenza Piano: The First All-Weather Music Instrument From Israel
The Cadenza is made out of concrete which is known for its high durability. It is entirely street-safe and weather-friendly because concrete is resistant to water, wind and high temperatures, as well as attempted vandalism. The first official Cadenza piano was placed in the open to endure its first storm in February 2018.
Pianovers Meetup #109 Digest
Pianovers Talents is officially announced. This recital is about supporting our fellow aspiring musicians' progress and their pursuit of musical passion. Now, musicians can perform at our recitals through solo, duet or ensemble on a grand piano or any other instruments (e.g. violin, guzheng, vocals), in a formal recital environment, and gain authentic performance experience! Whether you're a music teacher, parent, or musician - your students, children, or even yourself can use this platform to boost confidence in public performances, dress rehearsals for upcoming exams and recitals as well as grow bigger performing portfolios.
Pianovers Meetup #108 Digest
Leow Hong Ee performed "Take Five" by Paul Desmond, which is one of the first jazz pieces that he learned to play. As a classical pianist, he has always wanted to pick up a new genre of music. He is also currently the president of SMU's very own piano ensemble Ivory Keys. They will be holding a recital this Friday, 18 Jan 2019, at the SMU Arts and Culture Centre at 7:30pm. All the best to you and all the performers! Wishing you all a successful recital!
Confessions of Piano Teachers #2 – Knock, Knock, Are You Home?
Can you be more flexible? We did not intentionally make you waste your trip. We genuinely forgot about the lesson. Furthermore, this is the first time it happened. Noel has been learning under you for the past three years already. He just entered Sec 1, and there are lots of things we are still trying to figure out and getting used to. Can you take all these into account? Okay?
Pianovers Meetup #107 Digest
Amos Ko has been attending the Meetups for a few months; however, this is the first time he has decided to perform for us. Yong Meng shared about him being very thoughtful and caring towards the Pianovers community. During the time when we were preparing for Pianovers Recital 2018 to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of Pianovers Meetup, Amos went to Canada for a family reunion. He sent a picture of himself to Yong Meng from the Collingwood Ski Resort with a note - "Wishing all at PIANOVERS a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019!! Best wishes from Amos Ko at Collingwood Ski Resort Canada and wishing everyone a successful and marvellous anniversary concert!"
Confessions of Piano Teachers #1 - The Missing Lessons
Kathy’s replies shocked me! She requested that the payments be made monthly instead of quarterly, so that they would be easier to track. She would not honour 4 lessons out of the total of 24 conducted since the last payment, as she suspected I wasn't here for these lessons. The last reply really hit me straight in the face: "I didn't check the earlier months. I trusted you, you know. Now I check this month, and it's like this!"
Pianovers Recital 2018 Digest
We celebrated our second anniversary of Pianovers Meetup on 28 Dec 2018. Known as Pianovers Recital 2018, this celebratory event brought all Pianovers together into an auditorium and watched performers go on stage and perform their pre-selected piece. Pianovers Recital 2018 also served to commemorate the success of our incredible Pianovers' musical journey with us since July 2016, and the milestones and achievements of ThePiano.SG in the past one year.
Pianovers Meetup #106 (Christmas Themed) Digest
Today's meetup is a Christmas-themed meetup, and Pianovers are encouraged to perform Christmas-related pieces and dressed in red, green or white for a fantastic group picture. We are also very excited to share that not only did Pianovers Meetup #106 has a record-breaking attendance of 67 Pianovers, we also have a brand-new record for the highest number of registered piano players -- a total of 35 performers!
Menahem Pressler Gave His Solo Piano Concert At 90
In December 2014, a stocky old man gave a piano concert in Germany. This musical event saw 90-year old Menahem Pressler playing the piano, along with the Berlin Philharmornic Orchestra and with Sir Simon Rattle as the conductor. This New Year’s Eve concert was televised “live” around the world.
Pianovers Meetup #105 Digest
Today is the second last Pianovers Meetup in 2018, while the last Meetup for 2018 will be held on 16th December 2018 and is a Christmas Themed. You are all encouraged to play Christmas related pieces, although; you can still choose to play your favourite tune pieces. Wear green, red, or white for a nice group photo!
Feature Your Favourite Performances In Your Pianover Profile Now
One of the most important essence of being a pianist is to feel your music and believe in it. Music has connected thousands of people, and it is heartwarming to watch people performing on vast genres of music on the piano. It is with great delight that we announce that we have upgraded your Pianover Profile to showcase and feature your favourite performances as well as highlight your external accomplishments.