For Charity - 7 Stacked Pianos And A Piano Marathon? It Can’t Get Better Than This!

7 Stacked Pianos And A Piano Marathon? It Can’t Get Better Than This!
7-Stacked Pianos by Conor Hughes
7-Stacked Pianos by Conor Hughes
7-Stacked Pianos by Conor Hughes

Oh, the wonders of music! What can we expect from 7-stacked pianos and a musical charity piano marathon? Endless moments of bliss.

Every year Conor Hughes takes the immense effort to spread a smile on everyone’s face. They certainly did not disappoint last year in January 2018. Conor and his band of volunteers had neatly stacked 7 pianos, donated by Monaghan Piano Centre, on the beach for his annual Crosscause Project fundraiser on St. Stephen’s Day, in Ireland.

The event brought a god-like presence with its sunset accompanying view, literally giving spectators everywhere a pleasant scene. There was a great turnout and you would expect the event to be topped off by music. All the funds raised will go towards Conor’s charity Crosscause.

This event was particularly special, as Conor did not have a head for heights. Despite the fear, he sat at the top of the beachfront ‘piano tower’ for five hours. He felt very secure, as it was not moving although it had a natural wobble. To see a young man doing this to help set up clinics that specialized in eye surgery greets us with a feeling of satisfaction that the world can be a better place with such acts of charity.

On the 16 December 2017, Steinway and Sons held a charity piano marathon in Singapore. You will be enthralled by classical tunes and Christmas melodies, which filled the air at Ion Orchard mall that Saturday afternoon. Pianists of all ages were taking turns to play music from 10 am in order to set a new musical record.

This was done in order to generate proceeds from the marathon into The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, which provides specific arts training to young people from needy families. Jesse Collins, a 11 year old pianist played an original composition of his own all with the sole help of his memory. It included Christmas tunes, which took one and half months to compose. The general manager of the Steinway Gallery Singapore, Celine Goh, said that traditionally organized youth piano competitions “drew the cream of the crop”. Which means, you can only expect to hear real and talented sounds in the charity event.

All ages with different skill levels were able to show off their capabilities, which called for community spirit as it was different from a serious competition.

Isn’t it wonderful to have musical charities?