ThePiano.SG Showcased In Draft Master Plan 2019 Exhibition

ThePiano.SG Showcased In Draft Master Plan 2019 Exhibition

We are proud that Pianovers Meetups, a weekly event organised by ThePiano.SG and held at Urban Park @ URA is given coverage in the Draft Master Plan 2019 Exhibition by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

The Master Plan is a land use plan that guides Singapore’s development needs over the mid to long term. Covering the next 10 to 15 years, the broad strategies used in the urban planning exercise identifies land for various needs like housing, industrial activities and commercial activities. This detailed urban planning exercise goes into allocating the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the proposed land use.

Apart from planning for infrastructure, the Draft Master Plan 2019 also plans for sustainable & green surroundings around Singapore. These pockets of green areas come with spaces for the community to gather for various activities. URA makes a deliberate attempt to achieve a balance between economic, social and environmental plans.

The end result: To create a nation that not provides a safe and quality living environment for its people but also one that offers growth and job opportunities . The proposals contained within the Draft Master Plan 2019 also include plans to safeguard the country’s clean and green landscape and rejuvenate community spaces.

The mission is to make Singapore a great city to live, work and play, always striving to create an endearing home and a vibrant city through long-term planning and innovation, in partnership with the community.

URA is holding an exhibition to showcase the proposals in the Draft Master Plan 2019. The exhibition is ongoing and will end on 24 May 2019. Members of the public may view it at 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118. Exhibition times are 8:30am – 6:30pm (Monday to Friday) and 9:00am – 5:00pm (Saturday). The exhibition is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Come and explore various eye-catching themes in this exhibition:

  1. Liveable and Inclusive Communities
    This theme covers high-quality living environments around Singapore meant for people of all ages to live, relax and play in. Singaporeans can look forward to viewing revolutionary housing options in the coming future. These include features like community-centric designs and accessible amenities. The new living environments also include greenery and recreational spaces.
  2. Local Hubs, Global Gateways
    Planning and allocating suitable land to support efforts to ensure Singapore’s continued growth.
  3. Convenient and Sustainable Mobility
    Ensuring Singaporeans and visitors alike will continue to be able to move around Singapore effortlessly.
  4. Rejuvenating Familiar Places
    To build upon our strong identity and preserve the heritage that has shaped our nation.
  5. Sustainable and Resilient City of the Future
    Ensuring that Singapore will be able to mitigate global events like climate change and be able to continue to create spaces for our evolving needs.


The Liveable and Inclusive Communities theme has four different aspects:

  1. New Housing Concepts & More Choices
    Designed to provide a better quality of life.
  2. Range of Amenities for All Ages
    Equipped with a wide range of amenities that are accessible to both young and old.
  3. More Greenery and Play Spaces
    Spaces that allow residents to have more opportunities to connect with nature, as well as enjoy a wide variety of recreational experiences.
  4. Making Loveable Places
    "Placemaking" is the process of proactively managing a place so as to improve it. Placemaking is more than the physical places. They are great environments that connect people and take on the characteristics and personalities of those who live in them. Going one step further, these places take on extra meaning when they are actually shaped by these inhabitants.

    The authorities aim to not only connect people but also build stronger relationships between them. To this end, the proposals call for creating well-designed public spaces that let people interact and create fond memories. URA works relentlessly with building owners and architects so that such public spaces are incorporated into their development plans.

    We are proud that Pianovers Meetups is given coverage in this section! According to the description from URA, Urban Park @ URA is "A driveway turned public park with seating areas and pianos for music performances and weekly gatherings of Pianovers organised by ThePiano.SG."


Pianovers Meetup aims to make a positive impact on a national level:

  1. to allow pianists to share his experiences,
  2. to allow budding pianists gain confidence through public speaking and public performance,
  3. to allow pianists to build a performing profile and be recognized and appreciated,
  4. to build an inclusive community so that non-pianists can join and enjoy piano music,
  5. as well as to allow Pianovers to connect and meet new friends.

Pianovers Meetup is a free public event, where anyone who walks past is welcomed to join in, and more importantly, the zero cost means even the financially challenged will find this platform accessible, and regardless of their financial background, can benefit from the best opportunities Pianovers Meetup offers.

This outdoor event also doubles as an activity hub where people connect and bond and reinforce their friendships with one another. Pianovers Meetup is more than simply connecting people via a piano community. We also strengthen the Singapore spirit, and more importantly, build social cohesion and promoting racial harmony, by bringing people of different races, languages and religions together and indulging in common music-themed activities in a common space.

Occasionally, we have themed Pianovers Meetup, e.g. Valentine's Day Themed, Christmas Themed, Halloween Themed, to celebrate festive occasions, and bring about extra fun.

We cordially invite our all our readers and piano lovers to come and join us on a Sunday evening. We want you to be part of our big family of piano lovers!