Pianovers Jammers Night #1

Pianovers Jammers Night

Following the series of the Pianovers Meetups and other events such as the Pianovers Sailaway and most recently, the Piano Jamming Party, organised by Casio, at Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Pianovers who are regulars at the Meetups and have become close friends, organised an exciting new event of their own – Pianovers Jammers Night!

Pianover Zensen, the mastermind of the event, graciously opened up his home to these regulars. He had earlier hosted the Pianovers Meetup #12 two months back at his place. Unlike the regular Pianovers Meetups, where pianists sign up to play during the Registered Players Segment, the Pianover Jammers Night was designed to inhabit a more free form, to maximise the fun and bring out the passion and creativity within Pianovers.

As tradition would dictate, no meetup would be complete without some grub! After a brief tour of his beautiful home, the Pianovers gathered for a special east-meets-west mini potluck fest, with dishes brought over by the Pianovers themselves. Jerome brought fish, chicken and some roasted meat delights, while Zensen’s wife made home-cooked vegetables dish to complement the meats. Zensen even bought some fried noodles from a nearby restaurant for the Pianovers to share. The rest of the group brought desserts – Yong Meng bought a variety of Magnum ice creams, Mark brought brownie pie tart, and Julie provided the rest of the desserts. There were even photos taken of the group and all the delicious food!

With stomachs filled and appetites sated, the Pianovers Jammers headed to Zensen’s home jamming studio and got settled with various different instruments. The first piece to commemorate the start of the jamming party was the ever popular 上海滩. With moods high, the synergy of the piece was simply electrifying. The energy was sustained through all the other songs, which included a mix of Mandarin and English oldies, some pop songs and of course, Christmas music as well. Even Zensen and Gee Yong was visibly having a ball when mixing it up, taking a turn on the drums and guitar respectively. Mark even brought his Er-Hu!

Unfortunately, the night had to eventually come to an end. However, more is to come! Because of the overwhelming and positive responses to the Pianover Jammers Night, plans have already been put in place for the next one!