Pianovers Sailaway Pre-Event Shoot

Pianovers Sailaway Pre-Event Shoot

ThePiano.SG never fails to bring the piano community together in novel ways and to savour interesting experiences, and so it was with great excitement that the portal organises the first piano-themed yacht outing for Pianovers in Singapore.

Aptly called Pianovers Sailaway, the event sees piano lovers gather on a yacht and sail away in the cool of the evening, while being entertained with a mini-recital and presented with culinary delights. With four pianos on board, there will also be an open jamming session where Pianovers can play their favourite pieces.

In the lead-up to the event, ThePiano.SG did a photo and video shoot on 12 October 2016 to bring to you, our Pianovers, a sneak preview of what to expect at the Pianovers Sailaway. The resulting photographs and video clips will be used as material for event marketing.

At 4pm on the day of the shoot, the Founder of ThePiano.SG, Sng Yong Meng, together with an entourage that included four talents, three pianists, representatives from Casio and videographers, gathered at ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove.

As the luxurious yacht, christined Eagles Wings, sat at the berth, a logistics team moved four Casio pianos onto the boat that would be home for the next four hours. Two of the instruments, the Casio CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500, were moved to the Saloon on the lower deck, while the other two, the Casio CELVIANO AP-460, found their way to the flybridge.

As the photo and video shoot team clambered on board, it quickly became apparent that the upcoming Pianovers Sailaway would be much sought-after event. At 68 feet long, not only was this boat large and spacious, it was also the perfect venue to hold such a piano event.

Befitting the luxury status of the yacht, it came with great interior design and beautiful finishing that exuded an air of sophistication that perfectly completed the Pianovers Sailaway. The team quickly discovered that apart from the airconditioned Saloon, there were four cabins in the lowest deck.

For those who required some assistance in movements, there was a motorised chair that would bring guests down from the Saloon to the cabins below. The flybridge was the open upper deck, a place commonly featured in movies and where guests savour champagne and enjoy the breeze. Even though the upper deck was the smallest open gathering area on the yacht, it was still very spacious!

As the team settled down and the Casio representatives set up their pianos, it was clear to everyone that this outing would be an unforgettable one. One could immediately imagine what a majestic sunset from the sea would look and feel like. A drone would be utilised for the trip, earnestly recording video footage that would never have been possible with a photographer standing at sea level. The Eagle Wings would also sail by Sentosa, where the full splendour of the island’s famous fireworks would be experienced by all.

As the yacht set sail, the team wasted no time and got to work immediately. The talents and the pianists got dressed in their finest and the photographer and videographer had a field day capturing the scenes. Even the talents and pianists themselves got excited and did their own mini-shoots, albeit on their more modest handphone cameras. Still, it was selfies and wefies galore for the four hours on the seas.

Talents Nisha, Jim, Joel and Sang Hee certainly had a great time. Meanwhile, the drone did its part, circling the yacht as the pilot moved it into strategic positions for the best video opportunities. There was so much to do, there was hardly any time to rest. The team managed a dinner break, as it was understood that the impending sunset would be a very busy time for all.

Time passed so quickly, sunset quickly arrived, and with it came the twilight that painted a magical picture on the yacht. With only moments to capture anything worthwhile for posterity, the team was in a race against time before the sun disappeared below the horizon. The open sea, twilight and excitement made for a truly magical mix truly worthy of the photographic and videographic equipment that was taken on board.

Against the setting sun and amid the waves and sea breeze, pianists Abel, Karina and Hui Jie had lots of fun jamming on the flybridge. This was a very unique experience that not everyone could have on a daily basis. Even the talents had a great time as they sipped champagne and revelled in the balsamic sea breeze.

On everyone’s minds, however, was also the fireworks that would happen over Sentosa in about an hour. The famed display of colour, so famous around the world, was spectacular when viewed from the island but would inevitably be very special when viewed from the open sea. As 8pm drew ever closer, the team waited with bated breath, on the flybridge, all cameras at the ready.

When it eventually happened, it was no surprise to see the entire team oriented northwards, in the direction of Sentosa, their handheld devices elevated at a big angle in unison. If one looked closely, one would have noticed each of the people’s faces painted with a dizzying array of red, green and yellow, resembling exactly the colours that lit up the night sky a kilometer away. Needless to say, Yong Meng took the opportunity to capture a moment on film, complete with fireworks in the background.

Soon, it was time to return. At 8:30pm, the Eagle Wings docked back at Sentosa Cove, where the logistics crew was waiting to unload the pianos. It had certainly been an unforgettable evening for all who had participated in this photo and video shoot, and a first for ThePiano.SG!

The inaugural Pianovers Sailaway will happen on Sunday, 4 December 2016 and is open to all piano lovers in Singapore. Tickets are available for only S$198 each. We will also publish updates on our website and Facebook Page, so do check back regularly. We welcome all of you at the event!