ThePiano.SG Online Store Now Sells Pianos

ThePiano.SG Online Store Now Sells Pianos

Apart from conducting events that bring piano lovers together, ThePiano.SG also has an Online Store, which was launched in January 2018 and features the largest collection of piano-themed piano products and gifts, including jewelleries, stationeries, fashion accessories, fashion apparels, bags and travel-related items. 

Today, we are proud to announce that our Online Store now sells pianos! As a start, we have put up four Steinway-Essex pianos for your immediate purchase at an exclusive price!


  1. Essex EUP116
    $10,925 ($11,500)

    The variety of finishes available for the Classic Studio Upright makes it the perfect choice for any home. This piano sports a classic design and is sure to compliment any interior space.

  2. Essex EUP116QA 
    $12,255 (usual $12,900)

    The well-balanced proportion and graceful appearance of the Queen Anne Upright brings style and refinement to any home. It is distinguished by exceptional craftsmanship, utilising linear curvature design, soft outlines and simplicity. The beautiful hand-carved reliefs on the legs are also known as Acanthus leaf, symbolizing quality, longevity and creativity.

  3. Essex EUP123CL
    $14,250 (usual $15,000)

    This is a French Studio Upright. It is a nicely-balanced upright with elegantly-proportioned cabriole legs. The French furniture design influence is apparent in the beautifully carved relief and curved, raised accent moldings.

  4. Essex EUP-123FL
    $13,300 (usual $14,000)

    Sporting a stately and majestic design, the Empire Studio Upright projects a commanding presence and blends beautifully with nearly any décor. This piano was designed in collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber and created with beautiful piano styles and finishes in mind. With elegant traditional styling and museum-quality finishes, the Empire Studio Upright will be a stunning addition to your home.



When you purchase any of these Steinway-Essex pianos through ThePiano.SG Online Store, you get a 5% discount, which is only exclusively available in our Online Store and you will not find it elsewhere!

With the Essex piano, you get more than the best possible value for your money. You also enjoy complete investment assurance, as each Essex piano is backed by Steinway & Sons and serviced by Steinway–trained technicians. Your purchase is also backed by the Steinway Promise: If you decide to trade-in your Essex piano for a new STEINWAY grand piano at any time within ten years, you will receive a trade-in credit equal to your original purchase price.

The above four pianos are only the first four pianos we are bringing in for you, and we will be bringing in more soon. You can look forward to a wider collection, both digital and acoustic.

What's more, get the Pianover Rewards Card today, enjoy discounts and earn points when you purchase items with the card. As a Pianover Rewards member, you are entitled to:

  1. Up to 5% off piano purchase
  2. 10% off piano themed products and gifts at ThePiano.SG Online Store
  3. 10% off books and music accessories
  4. 10% off piano maintenance, serving, regulation, repairs and restoration
  5. up to 12% off piano tuning packages
  6. up to $25 off piano moving

Yes, you have calculated right - get the card, purchase one of these pianos, and you will be immediately upgraded to the Platinum card, which requires a qualification spend of $8,000 based on nett spend after deduction of shipping fees, discounts and voucher redemptions. As a Platinum card holder, you earn triple the points for every $1 spent in future purchases.

Start shopping today!