Lullaby for Baby

Lullaby for Baby

Someone once said “Music is the purest embodiment of love. Even when there are no lyrics, the melody alone expresses so much more than words can ever express.”

Music is such a big part of our lives, even though many of us do not consciously realise it. Since cavemen times, music has been used at social gatherings to celebrate a good catch for the day or some joyous events. In every country across all continents, music is a staple part of life - expanded well beyond celebratory events. Music is used for healing purposes, for meditation, for inspiration, for exercise, for sleep and many more.

Music comes in very handy in two occasions. One, when you need to serenade the girl of your dreams. Two, when you need to put a cranky baby to sleep. Music does wonders to babies. It has amazed many at various occasions, when music changes the entire mood in the room and babies fall asleep so sweetly with a gentle lullaby.

David Motola, a loving dad with a gift for the piano, demonstrated the power of love, music and tenderness at their best with his version of the Brahms' Lullaby to his five-month-old baby boy. His toddler was cranky and unable to sleep, due to an ear infection. David then decided to wear his boy snugly in a baby carrier, before sitting in front of the piano to play his version of the lullaby. Lo and behold, little baby Samuel fell sound asleep within seconds of listening to the lullaby. It came as a total surprise to David and his wife. David tried the same method of cooing the baby to sleep the next night. Amazingly, it had the same resounding effect, much to the happiness of Dad and Mum. It has since become a nightly routine.

It is the greatest desire of all parents around the world, to have their babies falling asleep swiftly and staying asleep through the night. Ask any parent and they will swear by it.

Little Samuel aside, the tender love that David shows as he plays the piece is just totally captivating and heart-warming. He gives baby Samuel a kiss on the forehead, before he starts on the piano. It is doubtless that baby Samuel will sleep sweetly with such love and lovely lullaby. Throughout the playing, David repeatedly looks at baby Samuel with a tender smile and deep love in his eyes.

The most heart-melting part of the lullaby, is that David is not musically trained in piano. He created his version of the lullaby on the spot, based on his love and going with the flow of the music. In an interview, David said "I can't read sheet music and I play by ear, so I just played what was in my heart."

Ultimately, music is all about the heart. When you put your heart into a piece of music, the waves of love it creates is beyond imagination. Parents-to-be may want to start on piano lessons early, to prepare themselves for sweet sleep-through nights with their baby in time to come.