Wedding Proposals and Piano

Wedding Proposals and Piano

Music has long been known as a unique language that speaks without the need for words. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, music is such a big part of the Day with business owners and individuals using music to serenade their guest and loved ones.

Music touches the heart directly, regardless of race, language, religion or gender. People conceive dreams, while music fulfills dreams. There have been various wedding proposals done with the piano that have garnered the most immediate “YES!” with lots of hugs and kisses.

One of the most amazing wedding proposals shared on YouTube was done not just with a piano, but also with another P – the plane. In the wedding proposal, the potential bride was blindfolded in the plane until they reached their destination on a big, almost limitless, grass field where the groom-to-be played a lovely sentimental piece of music on a piano, that moved the potential bride to hugs and smiles, before she gave his million-dollar question her 100% “YES”.


In another part of the world, love and devotion were shown through the numerous hours taken to restore an old piano and bring it up a mountain. The surprise and sweetness of the marriage proposal were heightened with the self-composed song and the beauty of the refurbished piano.


For grooms-to-be who are blessed with the gift of music, they take to the stage personally and touch not just the hearts of the woman they love, but also the ears of all seated in the auditorium.


In New York, there was a shrewd groom-to-be, who got his potential bride to play the Big Piano at FAO Schwarz, with a real-life “Toy Soldier” being the ring-bearer. FAO Schwarz was the oldest toy store in the States; it was founded in the 1862 but sadly closed its doors in July 2015. Despite the store closure, the memories live on, as does the love.


Some grooms-to-be go the hard way, by taking piano lessons and playing a beautiful piece before an auditorium-packed audience, like Yun Kuan, who made the utmost effort to learn the Piano to show his love and effort to his potential bride who holds Grade 8 Piano certification.


There are others who play it safe and engage professional pianists to play heart-melting music, such as “All of Me”, while they focus on popping the question and dazzling their potential brides with their gentlemanly-bent knee and full attention.


Potential brides and grooms with closely-knit families and friends can consider the following style of proposal. Here, the groom-to-be goes a step further by engaging family members and friends with a specially-arranged sentimental music performance in a mall, to the enthusiastic applause of shoppers present.


Two of the most well-known music pieces, “Say Yes” by Chage and Aska, as well as Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 3 “Tristesse”, were made famous across oceans by the drama 101 Marriage Proposals in 1991. The drama was broadcasted by Fuji TV in Japan, with “Tristesse” being chosen as the accompaniment music for moments of flashbacks and memories by the female lead. “Say Yes” was aptly chosen as the ending theme song for moments of sweetness in the final episode of the drama, in which the male lead proposed and secured the hand of the female lead.

Some people say “Life is like a song, with music being the voice of love”.  Regardless of how the piano is engaged and how well the music is played, we say “There can be no life without music, because music forms the foundation of life”. To quote Oscar Wilde, “Women fall in love through their ears, men fall in love through their eyes”.

Enjoy the music and savour the love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! If you got your love with the power of music and the accompaniment of the piano, send your “Wedding Proposal with Piano” videos to for our compilation, so we can spread the sweetness of love and music!