StaffPad App and Microsoft Surface - Write music digitally in the most natural way

StaffPad App and Microsoft Surface - Write music digitally in the most natural way
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The days of writing music on paper are about to change with the introduction of StaffPad App on the Windows Store. This music notation software completely revolutionises the way musicians input notes, musical terms, and directions; in the most intuitive way. Watch the video below to see why.

While StaffPad is not the first music handwriting app, it is the first one that actually works. It can recognise your handwritten music and converts it into an amazing typeset score; and also allows you to playback with a full orchestral sample library included, share easily, and print even individual parts for each musician. 


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Available exclusively on the Windows Store for USD$69.99 and designed to work best with Surface and Surface Pen, it is not hard to see why it fails on the iPad - the lack of a native pen to use with the tablet makes it inaccurate and cumbersome instead. There might be, however, a chance of redemption this coming November because Apple is releasing iPad Pro together with Apple Pencil. Perhaps, StaffPad has no longer any strong justification why it should continue to stay exclusively with Windows Store.

Currently, Mac users have a workaround to get your hands on this killer app. According to StaffPad, running StaffPad on a Mac requires you to install Windows on your Mac using a Virtual Machine (Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion) or Bootcamp, and use a Wacom pen tablet for input.

StaffPad certainly has captivated many professionals, teachers, students and even budding composers; with its natural approach to music writing, and yet at an affordable price against the major notation softwares. 

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