Pianovers Meetup #2 Digest

Pianovers Meetup #2, Group photo

Sunday was an exciting follow up to a wonderfully successful introduction to the Pianovers Meetup. The founder of ThePiano.SG, Sng Yong Meng organises and hosts the Pianovers Meetup weekly, as well as other similar events such as the Piano Teacher’s Outing in the hopes of bringing the piano community of Singapore closer together.

Through this event we aim to:

  1. Meet new pianists and be acquainted with new songs.
  2. Provide a stage for budding pianists to gain confidence by performing.
  3. To build a profile for performers and track all important milestones.
  4. To spread the joy of live music to the public.
  5. To make new friends in the piano community.

With a significant turnout of about thirty piano enthusiasts during the previous meetup, we were determined to create a space that would encourage a stronger sense of togetherness and draw a larger crowd.

The space was tweaked with improvements that made the event notably bigger and better. Posters were put up that proudly displayed the name of the group, emphasising that the spirit of music is present and alive! On top of that, we wanted to showcase our performers exclusively so a digital display of the names of each performer was prepared as backdrop for the night.

The event was greeted promptly with seven new faces. Amongst the new faces was Timothy Goh, who was cycling in the area and decided to join in on all the fun. As per usual, the night commenced with a trip to Maxwell for dinner. Because of the increase in size of the group, we had to be stretched over two tables. After dinner, we returned to The URA centre to resume activities.

Opening with a speech, Yong Meng emphasised the vision for the Pianovers Meetup, and introduced a new segment where pianists register his/her name, composer and title of the piece to be played. These performers will be recognised and will be rewarded with medals for improvement, motivation and dedication. He also excitedly revealed a new addition to ThePiano.SG website that would showcase achievements of the performers, making sure we don’t miss out on any of their musical milestones.

Everyone at the event was absolutely captivated by the pieces played by all the registered players. Not surprisingly, the event lasted well into the night. We even witnessed a whopping 8-hand improvisation across two pianos! It was a complete joy to see all the pianists thoroughly engrossed in their art, making up tunes as they went along.

Amongst all the enthusiastic pianists, there were also shy ones. Stormie Chia needed a little encouragement from the audience, but once the audience had their backs turned away, she played beautifully to the tunes of 李健 - 貝加爾湖畔.

It was yet another eventful night for the Pianovers Meetup, captured with a beautiful group photograph after the session. See you at the next one!