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How Does A Piano Work
Most of us know, generally, that the piano has black and white keys, and there are upright and grand pianos. But here's the interesting question - have you ever seen the insides of it, and understand how the many parts come together to produce the familiar piano sounds where pieces like Mozart's Turkish March, Beethoven's Fur Elise, Chopin's Revoluntionary Etude, and more; are based upon?
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Effect Of Piano Music On Fetus
You have heard that learning piano or listening to piano music during your pregnancy makes your baby in the womb smarter. Or you may have come across readings that suggest the fetus can develop to be more appreciative of music, or even acquire a talent for picking up musical instruments. Truth or urban myths? Let's find out.
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Classical And Romantic Period Symphonies
Symphonies are bigger pieces of works compared to Sonatas and Sonatinas, and are musical compositions usually scored for a concert band or orchestra. Classical and Romantic period Symphonies, however, are quite dfferent in their own ways. Let's explore.