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Can I Play The Piano With Long Nails
Among female pianists, a common question that comes up in their minds is: Can I play the piano with long nails? For all their interest and skills in playing the piano, having long fingernails may present quite a fair bit of problems when playing the piano. Let's nail the nails problem.
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Top 20 Reasons Why Performing At Recitals Is Important
Piano recitals are actually good opportunities for piano students to bring their skills to the next level, and they are an important platform for boosting their confidence. In fact, the benefits of piano recitals and public performances for pianists are priceless, period. Here are the top 20 reasons why performing at recitals is important.
D-Flat Studios Together with CASIO Brings First ABRSM Digital Piano Examination to Singapore
D-Flat Studios presented Singapore’s first digital piano exam for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinations on 9 March 2018. Joshua Hanitio, 12, sat for his Grade 5 piano exam on the Grand Hybrid GP-500 Digital Piano, scoring a distinction, a first for music education in Singapore.
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What Makes A Good Piano Teacher
Here are some points to take note and look out for when you are hiring a piano teacher, and they will be important and helpful in cases where you are changing a teacher or looking for a suitable teacher for your child to start music lessons.
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Should You Stop Piano Lessons During School Exam Periods
In Singapore, the pursuit and enjoyment of piano has to compete with a rigorous education system that is based primarily on examination grades. As a result, parents who heretofore may have been encouraging their children in their piano studies, often cancel piano lessons during exam periods to allow their children more time to study.
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The Importance Of Music Theory
“I only want my kids to learn piano playing. Can we just leave out music theory homework and music theory lessons?” These were the words from my students’ parents when I was a part time piano teacher. Despite my firm belief on the importance of music theory training, they did not support instruction in music theory. This article therefore explains the importance of music theory lessons.
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Piano Recital Dress Code
The dress code for formal occasions like a piano recital or an orchestra performance has been somewhat fixed for years. However, as we move into modern times, should the dress code then be challenged to move along with the times?
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New ABRSM Exam From 2017: The Associate Of The Royal Schools Of Music (ARSM)
For the first time since the inception of the Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music ("ABRSM") examinations in 1889, budding musicians will get to play their favourite pieces at a performance-focused examination that is examined under the ABRSM. Like a mini recital, the new examination encourages candidates to select pieces that when put together, creates an enjoyable 30-minute programme.
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Piano Lesson Rates In Singapore
When you think of starting piano lessons for yourself or your family, one of the first questions that come to mind might be: What are the piano lesson rates in Singapore? Although indeed, price might seem like an important and practical consideration, there is frequently a lack of understanding that aside from budgeting purposes, there is precious little value in considering the monetary obligation that lessons will cost. 
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What Is A Piano Masterclass
A Masterclass, much as the name suggests, can be broadly defined as a class led by one who possesses mastery in any specific discipline. More commonly practiced within the arts, and on musical subjects in particular, Masterclasses have been a staple learning methodology since 1869. Their invention is attributed to the virtuosic Hungarian pianist, Franz Liszt. Since then, Masterclasses have been held by professionals ranging from experienced instructors to legendary performers, for aspiring pianists all over the world.
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What To Do On Your Actual Piano Exam Day
Taking a piano exam (practical) is a big thing for every candidate. After all, you have taken time and effort to prepare yourself for this actual day. Here are some tips on what you can do to ride through the exam day.
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How To Correct The Hand’s Posture During The Piano Lessons
This doesn’t require you to be at the piano and can be practiced anywhere and anytime, you can practise on your table, in the bus, or in the train and you’ll find it achievable in no time!
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What Are The Marking Criteria For The ABRSM Graded Practical Piano Exams?
Ever wonder how the ABRSM Graded Practical Piano Exams are being marked? Why is it that you feel you had played the prepared piece very well, but did not score a distinction? Will having a few slips during playing the scales and apreggios affect the marks a lot? If you cannot answer some aural test questions confidently, does this compromise the exam results significantly? How should you perform during the sight reading test to score high? Indeed, these are very common questions every candidate face, and probably uncommonly answered. Today, we take you to the secret chamber where the marking rubric is revealed!
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Finding and Listening to Piano Exam Pieces Before Choosing
Looking at the scores of the piano exam pieces and wondering if a piece is suitable for you; is a familiar situation most candidates face, with many lamenting the poor accessbility to their audios of quality playing. If you can hear the piece while following the scores; it can, in many occasions, give you a higher confidence whether you should choose that piece. While sight singing can help, it does not give a complete picture of the piece's demanding expressions and intentions, and is after all, not a skill everyone possesses. Here are some tips on how to find the audios. 
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How To Play Piano Late In The Night Without Disturbing Your Neighbours
Many pianists have hit this bump that he really has to play the piano late at night due to either his working hours or the necessity to practice doubly hard for that audition, performance, or piano exam the next day. But in our tiny land-scarce Singapore, residential flats are built so close to each other, and it is not uncommon that a dog's barking or a couple's quarreling in the neighbourhood is audible enough in the slience of the night. It is, thus, important to find a compromise so that you can still play the piano without disturbing your neighbours.
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Change In ABRSM Piano Practical Exams Schedule And Dates From 2016
Piano teachers, music schools, parents or candidates must take note that there is a slight change to ABRSM Piano Practical Exams in Singapore from 2016. This change includes not just the usual graded exams, but the diploma exams as well, and will definitely affect the planning involved to prepare the candidates for the exams
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Do You Have Any Music Questions To Ask?
Ever wonder why some musicians play on the steps on the stage? Or whether you can learn an instrument if you don't know how to read musical notes? Chances are that there will be times when you, kids around you, or your friends might have some interesting questions about music that demand answers. How do we get the answers then?
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ABRSM Graded Practical Piano Exam Syllabus
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), and Trinity College London (TCL) conduct piano examinations every year in many countries all over the world, with more than 650,000 candidates taking ABRSM exams alone. In Singapore, ABRSM is arguably the gold standard that most parents and schools recognise and go for. Even big and popular music schools in Singapore like Yamaha and Cristofori send their students for ABRSM piano exams in each qualifying period. So, what does a ABRSM graded practical piano exam syllabus comprise?
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How To Register For An ABRSM Piano Theory Exam In Singapore
ABRSM Piano Theory Exams in Singapore are conducted twice a year. And for each theory exam, its registration exercise will take place a few months before. Be it you are a music teacher who wants to register your students, a parent who wishes to register your kids, or an individual who wants to register yourself; there are usually a few immediate concerns. What is the registration procedures for the ABRSM Piano Theory Exam? How much are the fees? Well, dig in, and find out more!
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Change in Singapore ABRSM Representative Office's Address
The ABRSM Representative Office in Singapore is responsible for a lot of administrative matters related to the ABRSM examinations conducted here in Singapore yearly. It also ensures that the information flows properly between the London office and teachers. Thus, it is very important for Examination Applicants and Candidates to know its office address.
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What Time After Must You Stop Playing The Piano At Night In Singapore?
In Singapore, we have many HDB flats built close to each other, each densely populated with families of typically between two to four persons. If you are a heartlander, hearing baby cries, couple's quarrels, and loud renovation works, are really not quite uncommon. Even the barking of the dogs or karaoke singings would remind you how close we are living just next to each other. Thus, it is understandable that being a good neighbour includes keeping noise level down. So, what time after must you stop playing the piano at night?
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Can Adult Learn Piano
Oh, so you have an adult friend who talks about how it is a pity not to learn piano when she was a child, and it is now impossible because her fingers are too stiff and she's too old to pick up piano. Well, are you convinced? This urban myth is so common in Singapore that most interested adults find themselves dealing with this unnecessary psychological obstacle right at the start.
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How To Register For An ABRSM Piano Practical Exam
ABRSM Piano Practical Exams are conducted twice a year, and thrice a year starting from 2016. And for each exam session, its registration exercise will take place a few months before. Be it you are a music teacher who wants to register your students, a parent who wishes to register your kids, or an individual who wants to register yourself; there are usually a few immediate concerns. For example, do you register online, or submit a manually filled up form? How much are the fees? Can you choose a preferred month to take the exam in? Well, dig in, and find out more!
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What Is Bad About Exam Oriented Learning
Is your child learning just three piano exam pieces, and practicing the same scales and arpeggios day in and out every grading year so that he can take the piano exam? Sounds too familiar? Most importantly, is there anything bad with this approach at all, and is there even any good? Should you, as a parent, be concerned?