What Is Voicing (Piano Maintenance And Care)
It is a myth that only serious musicians needs to have their pianos voiced. In reality, all pianos need to be voiced periodically, even those used by novice pianists. When a pianist is just starting to learn to play, it is important that a properly-voiced instrument is used so that she is able to discern between notes based purely on her playing. This reduces the number of variables that she has to handle in her learning journey.
7 Most Common Causes Of Sticky Piano Keys
The scenario is a familiar one. You buy a piano, fall in love with it, and start working with it, spending hours and hours in blissful symbiosis and melody-making when suddenly, horrors! You discover that a piano key is stuck and does not bounce back after you strike it. What happened? What can be done about it?
What Is The Difference Between A Piano Tuner And A Piano Technician?
It is probably one of the most baffling mysteries in the world of piano. Many piano owners might have come across this question but dismissed it as a non-question for the two terms seem interchangeable. For all intents and purposes, both piano tuners and piano technicians are able to do the important job of tuning pianos. Here then comes the million-dollar question: What exactly is the difference between a piano tuner and a piano technician?
How Often To Tune Your Piano In Singapore
Tuning your piano is a very basic thing to do for any piano owner. But, just how often should you tune your piano to keep it in good condition? We know when it is the time to visit the doctor, to trim our nails, or to cut our hair - how about when to tune your piano? Also, why does the piano even need to be tuned at all? And for us living in hot and humid Singapore, do the usual tips and advices apply?