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Confessions of Piano Owners #1 - Who Spoilt The Piano
Who knew that even a simple changing of hands for a used pianos could go wrong? Anna wanted to give her piano away, and was very confident that her piano was definitely in a good condition just before the piano was moved out. A day after Bella received the piano, she took a video showing the defects - several sticky keys and a few broken strings. Who's the culprit - Anna, Bella, or piano mover?
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What You’ll Need to Know About Piano Appraisals
You could be looking to buy a used piano or selling your beloved piano. No matter the case, you’re probably wondering, “what is the current market value of the piano?” To have a good estimate, you will need a piano appraisal. But, what is a piano appraisal? Why do you need one? And how do you get one? Here we have some common questions about this topic and our answers to them! From the reasons why, to the process and tips when getting one, you’ll find all you need to know about piano appraisals.
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How To Tell If Your Piano Keys Are Made Of Ivory
Do you know elephant ivory was widely used to make piano keys many years ago? This was because of its value and aesthetic quality, and its ability to absorb the fingers' perspiration. Compared to plastic keys, ivory piano keys can even help to reduce the chances of the pianist’s fingers slipping while playing. If you have an old piano, and you're suspecting if its piano keys are made of ivory, check out the following 6 methods.
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How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Piano
In the case where you need to sell your piano, it is very common that you need to locate its serial number, because, combined with its piano manufacturer's name, you can calculate your piano's age and consequently determine its estimated resale value. Learn how to find your piano's serial number now.
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Petrof Upright Piano Magic Egg
The Petrof Upright Piano Magic Egg is an instrument like no other. With its 150 years of tradition, experience, patenting and innovation it surely stands out as a masterpiece. The genius behind its creation is Ing. Arch. Robert Fišer. The diligence, skill and single-mindedness of a hardworking workforce has made it more fascinating. Its shell is futuristic, breath-taking and elegant.
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Yamaha Disklavier CFX Piano: Revolutionising Music Education
In October 2018, the Department of Music at The University of Alabama in Huntsville introduced a new, leading-edge technology that will change the way how students study music. It has become the first United States university to connect two Internet-connected Yamaha Disklavier pianos - one in UAH and the other in Beijing, China. As a result, this will significantly enhance remote classes and distance learning opportunities for students in the near future.
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Pianos That Are Out Of The Ordinary
To some people, the piano goes beyond being a functional and aesthetically-pleasing instrument of music. In fact, the piano comes to life in various forms which are truly interesting and intriguing! Check out the Schimmel K208 Pegasus, Porcine Piano, Pink Steinway Butterfly Piano, and the Pianocktail Piano!
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Upgrading of Steinway Upright Pedals
Since 1853 when Steinway was founded, we always follow the principle “Build the best piano in the world” till today, we look heavy on the quality of our products and keep on innovating new products and upgrading the current instruments to fulfill different requirements from artists and music lovers. From January 1st, 2019 onwards, all Steinway Hamburg Uprights including model K-132 and V-125 will be equipped with three pedals.
Padouk | Steinway Special Collector’s Edition Crown Jewel
Again and again, the experts from Steinway & Sons set off on the thrilling search for extraordinary veneers, ensuring that new models can be created in strictly limited editions. They open up precious natural treasures – occasionally a whole tree trunk is needed to create just one grand piano, which can never be repeated.
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Steinway Releases Special Piano to Celebrate Boston’s 25th Anniversary
Steinway & Sons announces the release of a new limited- edition piano to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Steinway-Designed Boston line. These 125 unique “Silver Anniversary” grand pianos feature handsome additions and enhancements that showcase the sterling character of the Boston.
Casio CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Piano versus Concert Grand Successful Premiere at Berlin Philharmonie
For the first time on March 2nd 2017, a classical symphony concert was conducted with an innovative hybrid piano, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid from CASIO. Right in the middle of the first part of the concert with the New Prussian Orchestra and pianist Haruka Kuroiwa, CASIO's hybrid piano played in direct comparison to a traditional concert grand piano.
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Piano Moving Accidents
It was a very distressing moment, then, when in April 2007, an Austrian-made Bösendorfer grand piano found its way onto a set of granite steps. The GBP26,000 (SGD78,000 in then’s terms) instrument was being delivered to its new owners at Devon in southwest England, when accident struck.
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Launch of Steinway Crown Jewels Upright and AXA Art Insurance
Steinway & Sons is proud to introduce the Crown Jewels series of grand and upright pianos, alongside internationally renowned in-house brands, the Boston and Essex lines. The model to be launched is the Indian Apple K-132 upright piano. This unveiling ceremony was supported by AXA Insurance and was the platform for said company to introduce its Art Insurance policy. AXA Art’s collaboration with Steinway Gallery provides owners with an all risks insurance protection for their prized pianos.
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Most Expensive Pianos In The World
The piano - an instrument that is capable of producing melodies as soft as silk and as majestic as The Taj Mahal. It is not an inexpensive instrument, yet several pianos in the world now have price tags that would astonish the common folks. Though they may serve the same purpose, expensive pianos awe the public and showcase the grandiose lifestyle of the rich and famous.
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5 Features To Lookout For When Buying An Affordable Piano With The Best Value
There are 5 core features on uprights that we use to quickly gauge value. In most product lines, these features are added or improved as the price rises. Essex pianos, by Steinway, have all 5 features in every model.
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Blüthner Lucid Pianos, Transparent Piano, Elegance Corporate
In recent years, transparent pianos have been gaining popularity. While many still prefer the traditional, wood-based instruments with a glossy lacquer finish, the fine examples of which grace concert halls and jazz clubs, others are opting for their modern, transparent counterparts that present a contemporary feel.
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Top 10 Best Selling Piano Brands In The World
While movies use box office earnings as a yardstick to decide the highest-grossing and consequently the most successful films, there is no recognised yardstick when it comes to pianos. How is it possible then to have a decisive ranking of the top 10 best selling piano brands in the world?
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Remembering My Alexander Herrmann Piano
It seems appropriate that I write about a piano I owned some years back. After all, this piano was with me through the growing, as well as hardest and punishing years. There were sweet and bitter times whose details need to be shared, both to satisfy my desire to immortalise its existence, and to offer myself a chance to take a stroll down memory lane.
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What Are The Letters Behind A Yamaha Piano Model Name?
What is the difference between a Yamaha U1J PWH, Yamaha U1J SG2, Yamaha U1J PEC, and Yamaha U1J? Looking closer at their names, you would be able to tell minimally that they are all U1J pianos. However, each name has a different set of letters behind, which can potentially confuse buyers, especially first-timers. Guess it is time to sort them out!
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Steinway Gallery Singapore Presents the QuietTime ProRecord for All Steinway Pianos
23 January 2015, Singapore: Steinway Gallery Singapore proudly presents the launch of QuietTime ProRecord – a leading-edge silent system that transforms a Steinway into a private mini recording system with digital keyboard functionalities hence providing pianists extensive benefits and endless capabilities. An advanced system which offers recording, playback and enhancement capacities, the QuietTime ProRecord system can be used on any grand or upright piano from the Steinway & Sons family of pianos which includes Steinway, Boston, and Essex.
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What Is A Silent Piano
A Silent Piano is essentially still an acoustic piano, enpowered with the choice of muting the sounds that are produced when the hammer strikes the strings. Consequently, its main selling point would be that it offers the player a chance to have private silent practice, even in the wee hours like 2am.
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What Piano To Buy For A Beginner
It is always a big dilemma for parents to choose a "right" piano for their kid who is going to learn piano for the first time. And the main concern runs roughly along this line - I'm not sure if he has interest, and I do not want to invest too much money to buy an expensive piano. Even if he has interest now, I wouldn't know it would last. Totally valid. So how do we weigh the factors, and balance them; so that the kid gets a decent piano?
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Can A Grand Piano Fit Into A HDB Flat In Singapore
Whether a grand piano can fit into a HDB flat in Singapore, or even a HDB lift in the first place, is definitely an interesting and popular question to ask when you want to buy a piano. Given its big dimensions compared to an upright piano, we have always wonder if it is possible to live the dream of having a grand piano within our very own HDB living room in the heartland.