Wonder Woman Theme - Why It Is So Intense And Powerful
Many factors can contribute to a superhero movie’s popularity and success. In the case of Wonder Woman, the music plays an important part. How does the melody which is made up of the notes: E-G-B-B♭, create such intense and powerful feelings? Did you also get a hint of a banshee's cry in this theme?
Most Piano Keys Hits In One Minute
Portuguese-American musician Domingos-Antonio Gomes (born 1977), aka Antonio Domingos, made it happen. With his choice of Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, Antonio sets a record of hitting the key B7 a staggering 824 times, in just 60 seconds, which works out to be 13 hits in a second!
Highest Vocal Note Sung By A Male
On 27 December 2017, Wang Xiaolong of China set the Guiness World Record for the highest vocal note sung by a male. Wang managed to sing the E8 note whose frequency is 5,243Hz, well above the highest frequencies that humans typically manage, beating the last record held by Adam Lopez who sang C#8.
When A Chicken Plays The Piano Better Than You
In what must have been one of the most memorable episodes of America’s Got Talent, Season 12, a chicken stole the limelight as it played on a keyboard to screaming audience. Jokgu would play “America Is Beautiful” on a keyboard. By the way, did the chicken play with the left hen or the right hen?
Music and Comedy of Victor Borge, The Great Dane
One of the greatest piano comedians of all time was an American-Danish by the name of Victor Borge, whose career spanned more than seventy years. Victor Borge’s style of humour quickly won him fans. Borge passed away in 2000, at the age of 91, and the world had lost a natural comedian who had entertained legions of piano music lovers but Borge’s legacy lives on.
Akiko’s Piano Helps Us Remember Hiroshima Bombing Victims
Akiko’s piano had to bear the brunt of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The piano was badly damaged because of the bomb’s destructive heat and blast. Glass shreds can be seen still embedded in the woodwork of the piano. However, unlike Akiko, the piano was to survive the ordeal miraculously, and was finally restored.
Researcher Ordered To Play The Piano For Misappropriating Funds
Alexander Neumeister's high-flying career came to an end when he was arrested in 2017 for misappropriating funds. Rather being sentenced to a jail term, when the judge learned that he was a trained pianist, Neumeister was ordered to play the piano at least twice a week for the next three years in various elderly care facilities.
Cadenza Piano: The First All-Weather Music Instrument From Israel
The Cadenza is made out of concrete which is known for its high durability. It is entirely street-safe and weather-friendly because concrete is resistant to water, wind and high temperatures, as well as attempted vandalism. The first official Cadenza piano was placed in the open to endure its first storm in February 2018.
Confessions of Piano Teachers #2 – Knock, Knock, Are You Home?
Can you be more flexible? We did not intentionally make you waste your trip. We genuinely forgot about the lesson. Furthermore, this is the first time it happened. Noel has been learning under you for the past three years already. He just entered Sec 1, and there are lots of things we are still trying to figure out and getting used to. Can you take all these into account? Okay?
Confessions of Piano Teachers #1 - The Missing Lessons
Kathy’s replies shocked me! She requested that the payments be made monthly instead of quarterly, so that they would be easier to track. She would not honour 4 lessons out of the total of 24 conducted since the last payment, as she suspected I wasn't here for these lessons. The last reply really hit me straight in the face: "I didn't check the earlier months. I trusted you, you know. Now I check this month, and it's like this!"
Menahem Pressler Gave His Solo Piano Concert At 90
In December 2014, a stocky old man gave a piano concert in Germany. This musical event saw 90-year old Menahem Pressler playing the piano, along with the Berlin Philharmornic Orchestra and with Sir Simon Rattle as the conductor. This New Year’s Eve concert was televised “live” around the world.
Derek Amato Becomes Musical Genius After Severe Brain Concussion
In 2006, Derek Amato hit his head hard on a concrete floor in an accident. Although he suffered a severe concussion that resulted in partial deafness and memory loss, the experience unlocks the musical genius in him. He had never played the piano. Now, he became a pianist and composer, going on to play beautiful pieces to various audiences. He is one of the rare few individuals who experience what is known as acquired savant syndrome.
Backing Singapore’s Top Young Pianists With "I Play Yamaha"
A new initiative to promote young Singapore piano talents will be launched this July by leading Japanese multi-national corporation Yamaha. Called "I Play Yamaha", this initiative by Yamaha Music (Asia), aims to showcase and promote young piano talents aged between 13 and 25 years old in Singapore.
A Beautiful Piano Tomb Leaves A Visual Musical Legacy
The Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler contains a piano-shaped tombstone of Dr Madge Ward that may well be the only one of its kind in the world. Sleek and black, this 8-foot tall, 25-foot wide granite piano weighs 25 tonnes and is so prominent that people come from afar just to see it. When planning for this tomb, she initially faced objections from the local officials.
Singaporean Composer’s Instrumental Seeks To Inspire Like-Minded Individuals
Chronicling an 18-year journey in making pop-ish tunes that resonate with Singaporeans of all ages, local pianist, composer and founder of Intune Music Peng Chi Sheng’s newest piano instrumental album The Runaway Pianist tells an inspirational story of entrepreneurship, friendship and success.
Piano-Yoga Lets Pianists Play Better Music
In recent years, people have devised methods to take care of the body to ensure that it stays in top form. Just as professional athletes watch their diets and have enough sleep so that they are in tip-top condition during training and on the track, pianists have their unique ways with which they take care of their bodies to ensure they are on top of their game. One such approach is known as Piano-Yoga, a relatively recent technique developed by virtuoso pianist Génia.
Jazz Gig Brings Immense Joy To Dementia Patient
This episode showed the power of music for people suffering from dementia. While music has been known to bring joy to people, it can certainly be said that music brings immense joy to people who are suffering from cognitive disorders. Music has its own curious way of finding its way into people’s hearts and bringing limitless enjoyment to them.
The Intriguing Relationship Between Music and Wine
For decades, researchers have been studying the relationships between music and wine. They have been putting through various tests, if only to formalise what lay people – and wine merchants - have been saying all these years – that good music does make wine taste better. Does magic happen when we put the all-important music and well-craved wine together?
Halloween's Opening Theme Lives On After Four Decades
It is amazing that four decades after the movie’s release, people are still finding new ways of interpreting Halloween’s theme song. The original theme was created with simple piano music, however, sometimes it is simple things that really capture people’s imagination and withstand the test of time. As John Carpenter said, “Horror movies will live forever.”
Classic Cartoons Promote Cultural Literacy Through The Use Of Classical Music
The use of classical music in classic cartoons started in the 1930s and spawned a whole new learning process for children and adults alike. For example, an episode of Tom and Jerry, the popular cartoon depicting the cat and mouse in a perpetual chase, titled The Cat Concerto, features one of Liszt’s works - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.
Playing The Piano Underwater
The pianist swims his way into the seat before a grand piano, while the three accompanying violinists stand around him. The music soon starts, with Andre Kempen hitting the ivory keys and the violinists playing along, all breathing air bubbles as they serenade underwater.
Mystery pianos delight mountain lovers
The world of music has certainly had its fair share of oddities. A piano had mysteriously appeared on top of Ben Navis, the highest peak in the United Kingdom, in 2006, located only 200m from the summit. And across the Atlantic Ocean, in Santa Monica, California, another piano was also found on a mountain. Let's unravel the mysteries!
Piano On Wheels Entertains Crowds
It is amazing how music not only entertains people in the ways it is meant to entertain, but how its performers adapt it to suit their personalities and transform it in ways that one never imagined possible. Music and creativity go hand in hand, and when put together, they create magic that inspire people and leave them in awe. Olivier Cumming created his piano on wheels called Rimski’s Piano, while Gary Skaggs pedals his own piano bicycle along San Francisco's streets.
Lego Piano
Dutch pianist and composer Jeroen van Veen built a life-sized Lego Piano over a period of more than two years. Consisting of almost 30,000 second-hand Lego bricks, the idea of building the Lego Piano came about over a debate at the coffee table between Jeroen and his two sons. He gave his first public performance on the Lego Piano in his concert in Almere, Netherlands on Friday, 12 November 2016.