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SGMusic Pte Ltd operates ThePiano.SG, Singapore’s first piano portal dedicated to the promotion of piano music in Singapore, and leads the largest local piano community of piano lovers in Singapore.

Closely followed by 10,000 piano lovers on our Facebook Page, we have conducted 148 Pianovers Meetup to date, showcased a total of 3,355 public performances, comprising 1,940 unique pieces played by 516 Pianovers, and clocking a whopping total performance time of 478,374 seconds.



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ThePiano.SG’s Activities, and Services

Since SGMusic’s incorporation in 2015, we have evolved from a startup with humble beginnings to a nationally-recognised leader in the field of piano. Through our weekly meetups at Urban Park @ URA Centre, known as Pianovers Meetup, we have provided a platform for ordinary piano lovers, known as Pianovers, who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to know like-minded piano enthusiasts, share their knowledge and experiences, build their own performing profiles, and showcase their talents. This outdoor event also doubles as an activity hub where people connect and bond and reinforce their relationship with one another.

Apart from Pianovers Meetups, we also conduct other ad-hoc events that cover the gamut of areas including lifestyle, social responsibility and education. Pianovers Sailaway is a piano-themed yacht event that sees over 40 people sail in the open sea with four pianos on board. Pianovers Hours is an evening of dinner and music held in a restaurant with a baby grand piano. Both events incorporate the element of lifestyle into piano events. Above all, we at ThePiano.SG believe in social responsibility and nurturing the next generation of piano players. We run a programme known as Pianovers Assist, under which pre-loved pianos are contributed by kind donors and passed to qualified beneficiaries on rotation. 

In addition to conducting events, ThePiano.SG provides a suite of piano-related services, comprising (i) common services like Piano Tuning, Piano Moving and Piano Disposal, Find a Piano Teacher, Buy a New Piano, Online Store with a wide range of piano-themed products and gifts, Pianovers Rewards Card loyalty programme that unlocks exclusive discounts and benefits, as well as Photo Ordering for purchase of high-resolution pictures in our Photo Albums, (ii) advertising services like Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Piano Teacher Listing, and (iii) Events / Occasions services like Hire a Pianist, Pianovers Giveaway, and Book a Yacht with Pianos.


ThePiano.SG’s Greater Social Purpose

In line with the objectives above that benefit the individual piano players, there is a greater social purpose to our activities. ThePiano.SG’s activities, especially Pianovers Meetup, is more than simply connecting people via a piano community. We also strengthen the Singapore spirit, and more importantly, build social cohesion and promoting racial harmony. This is achieved through bringing people of different races, languages and religions together and indulging in common music-themed activities in a common space.

Adding to the above, Pianovers School, a programme under which we bring the piano to schools in an effort to allow the students to discover the joy of playing and enjoying music, is also very much in line with values that are inculcated in students as part of Singapore’s education system. Having a child from another school perform on stage allows him to build confidence outside the school’s context and promotes collaboration between different entities in the education system. 

Furthermore, when students play in the common space, they build confidence in themselves. This has the effect of fostering positive relationships with not just their classmates but also their schoolmates at large. All these activities allows the student population to develop the culture of music appreciation, builds a culture of performing and spreads the joy of playing the piano. All these go very much hand in hand with the larger ecosystem that is the national-level piano community.

We were invited by People's Association to be a private operator, and have been licensed as one since August 2017. This was done with the aim of bringing piano closer to the heartlands at the Community Centres.


ThePiano.SG’s Feature In Mainstream media

As a testament to the role that ThePiano.SG has played in connecting people in the piano community, we have been featured in Casio Music Circle Newsletter, a publication from Casio Singapore, and comes hot on the heels of our appearance in Challenge Magazine, the publication of the Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, and more recently, another appearance in Singapore’s national daily The Straits Times.

Apart from being featured in print publications, ThePiano.SG has also appeared on television news. We were seen on Channel 5, Channel 8, and Channel NewsAsia. Learn more » 



To be the leader in connecting people in the piano community.

2016 Nov 04

ThePiano.SG and Casio Singapore joined hands together for the first time in bringing piano lovers together at 10 Square @ Orchard Central, and the response was overwhelming.

2016 Oct 25

Pianovers Meetup was part of the programme 《晨心诚意》10月25日:街头钢琴传递快乐 变身独特艺术品, broadcasted on Channel 8, on 12 Oct 2016.

2016 Oct 12

Pianovers Sailaway Pre-Event Shoot gives you a glimpse of the magical journey, that will take place on 04 Dec 2016, with 4 pianos on board a luxurious yacht, complete with buffet dinner, sunset backdrop, drone flying around the yacht capturing aerial shots, fireworks from Sentosa, and of course, the company of like minded piano lovers!

2016 Sep 12

Pianovers Meetup was part of the news story "Living rooms of the city: How lively spaces help bring people together", on Channel NewsAsia 10pm news, broadcasted on 12 Sep 2016.

2016 Sep 12

Pianovers Meetup was part of the news coverage on Channel 5, 9pm news, broadcasted on 12 Sep 2016. 

2016 Sep 10

ThePiano.SG snagged an exclusive interview with acclaimed performer Kevin Kern after his Concert in Singapore to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his legendary New Age debut album "In The Enchanted Garden".

2016 Jul 31

Debut of Pianovers Meetup

2016 Jul 23

ThePiano.SG was honoured to be invited to attend the 3rd Steinway Regional Finals Asia Pacific 2016 at Bentley Music, Malaysia.

2016 Jul 06

ThePiano.SG conducted an email interview with Richard Clayderman's team on the meaning of his very popular piece, "Mariage d’Amour".

2016 Jun 10

ThePiano.SG snagged an exclusive interview with popular piano duo Anderson & Roe before their concert "The Forte Awakens" in Singapore to understand their inspiration and vision for their music.

2016 May 01

ThePiano.SG held its first gathering for its family of piano teachers. Coming only two months after the teachers listing was created and hosted by Yong Meng, it was an evening of fun and sharing.

2016 Mar 13

ThePiano.SG took part in the launch of "Play Me, I’m Yours Singapore 2016" at OCBC Square at the Singapore Sports Hub, and met up with its founder, Luke Jerram.

2016 Feb 01

ThePiano.SG Facebook Page is officially launched.

2015 Nov 13

ThePiano.SG conducted an exclusive interview with Young Steinway Artist, Wang Congyu at the launch of his new CD Release, Charme.

2015 Sep 08

ThePiano.SG begins offering the service of converting old VHS Tapes into MPEG-4 video files which can be watched from your PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

2015 Jul 13

SGMusic Pte. Ltd. is officially incorporated.

2014 Aug 08

ThePiano.SG website is officially launched. It is the first online piano portal in Singapore that aims to be the leader in connecting people in the piano community together.