Buy and Sell Used Pianos

Buy and sell your used pianos (aka. second hand pianos) in Singapore in the shortest possible time by reaching the widest targeted audience now with us. Closely followed by 10,000 piano lovers on our Facebook Page and even more from all over the island, ThePiano.SG - the only piano portal in Singapore - has been seen and featured on various media, and we continue to build, grow, and serve the largest local piano community, and connect piano lovers all over Singapore together.




If you are a seller

  1. Sell your used piano or pre-owned piano in the shortest possible time by reaching the widest targeted audience.
  2. List your used piano now with these simple steps.
  3. Optionally, you can include a YouTube video of your piano for interested buyers to have a preview.
  4. Your contact details will be removed once your piano is marked as Sold to protect your privacy.


If you're a buyer

  1. Refine your search and look for the piano that best fits your requirements.
  2. Optionally, watch YouTube video previews of the pianos, if its listing has a YouTube icon under it.
  3. Once you have decided to make the purchase, get a piano mover to have it delivered to your place.
  4. Get a piano tuning done after the move.



What's next?


Piano Tuning
Get a Piano Tuner

With People's Association as one of our valued Clients, we continue to offer the best piano tuning services in Singapore. Regular piano tunings also help to build string "strength". So, a litte investment at the start can go a long way. Beware, corrective treatments due to a long interval since the last tuning can be very expensive.