Piano Moving


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Professional Piano Mover
Piano Moving

Get a trusted professional piano mover, with insurance coverage included to protect your valued asset.

Trust the professional piano mover who only specialise in the moving of pianos, and is not a logistics provider who happens to move pianos as well, and is also the appointed piano mover for Yamaha Music Asia (Singapore), and many other notable brands including Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Steingraeber & Söhne, Fazioli, and Schimmel.


Common Concerns


  1. How will your piano be protected during the piano moving?
    Your piano will be wrapped with a layer of protective padding, followed by plastic shrink wrap. When in the vehicle, your piano will be secured in the transport vehicle with a specialised fastener. The transport vehicle comes with a fully covered cabin that will protect your piano against the weather. There will also be no risk of other items/goods in the transport vehicle that will fall on the piano, because the piano mover specialises in moving pianos and musical instruments only.


  2. What happens in the if there are damages sustained due to the piano moving?
    The piano mover has an insurance that covers all the piano movings, third party and public property; and another insurance that specially covers musical instruments. All necessary repairs and/or replacements will be serviced fully by the piano mover if your piano is damaged during the piano moving.


  3. Can a Grand Piano fit into a HDB flat in Singapore
    Whether a grand piano can fit into a HDB flat in Singapore, or even a HDB lift in the first place, is definitely an interesting and popular question to ask when you want to buy a piano. Given its big dimensions compared to an upright piano, we have always wonder if it is possible to live the dream of having a grand piano within our very own HDB living room in the heartland. Learn more »




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