How do I list my used piano to sell?

  1. Sign in

    1. Create an account if necessary.
    2. Sign in.
  2. Add your piano
    1. Click on the User icon at the top right of the menu, to go to your User Dashboard.
    2. Click on the My Used Pianos link.
    3. Click on the green Sell button.
    4. Fill in your piano details, and your selling price.
    5. Save.
  3. Publish your piano
    1. If you need to make changes, click on the pencil icon to edit and make modifications.
    2. Click on the Arrow Up icon to publish your piano.
    3. Now your piano will appear in the Used Piano listing.
  4. Mark your piano as Sold
    1. Click on the Sold Tag icon to mark your piano as Sold.
    2. Once your piano is marked as Sold, you will not be able to edit or delete it.