Cristofori Upright Piano (Good for Beginners)

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Purchased for $3,924. My daughter gave up hobby.

Hardly used and super well maintained, meticulously cared for in function and appearance.

Regular tunings and continuous 24/7 heating ensure optimal performance. Comes with a complete set - a seat, a velvet piano cover, a keyboard felt cover, and a collection of music scores and notes.

Good for beginners or kids who are starting out or to gauge interest and dont wish to spend so much for a piano upfront. Most importantly, there is a trade in value as well.

Type: Upright Piano
Height: 125 cm
Width: 153 cm
Depth: 60 cm

Free viewing, I can recommend piano mover so no hassle.

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Anson Tan
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Piano Tuning
Get a Piano Tuner

With People's Association as one of our valued Clients, we continue to offer the best piano tuning services in Singapore. Regular piano tunings also help to build string "strength". So, a litte investment at the start can go a long way. Beware, corrective treatments due to a long interval since the last tuning can be very expensive.