Pianovers Meetup #51 (Mooncake Themed)

Pianovers Meetup #51 (Mooncake Themed)
24 Sep 2017
5:00pm - 10:00pm
Junn's Place

Calling all Piano Lovers (Pianovers), everyone is invited!!

This is a social event for all piano lovers, no matter whether you can play the piano, or not. No matter you are young or old.

Because, music transcends all boundaries!



  1. This Meetup is now fully subscribed.



  1. Junn's Place
  2. The address will be sent to you privately along with the confirmation message.


Special Meetup

  1. Hosted by our Pianover, Junn
  2. At Junn's Place
  3. Dinner hosted by Junn



  1. Send a SMS / WhatsApp message to Yong Meng @ 81380241 by 5pm, 23 Sep 2017, and indicate your name, which will be subsequently passed to the security at Junn's Place.
  2. The security only allows those in the name list to enter.
  3. Because there is limited space at Junn's Place, your seat is reserved if and only if Yong Meng sends a confirmation message to your phone.


What's in for you

  1. Pianists share with us good music.
  2. Budding pianists gain confidence in performing to a bigger audience.
  3. Players build a performing profile, and get rewarded when they achieved milestones.
  4. People who enjoy piano music can hear live piano music.
  5. You can get to know new friends in the piano community.



  1. 1700 - 1715, arrival of Pianovers at Junn's Place
  2. 1715 - 1800, Dinner.
  3. 1800 - 1930, registered players play for us
  4. 1930 - 2200, open playing, and socialising



  1. If you'd like to play for us a piece, register your interest. Alternatively, you can register on the actual day itself.
  2. Registered players will play first, followed by non-registered players.
  3. Each registered player has a maximum playing time of ~5min, not limited by the number of pieces.
  4. For each Pianover Meetup, the list of registered players will be posted on our website. Thus, you can build a performing profile over time.
  5. Moreover, there will be rewards when players achieve milestones like clocking 30min of performance time, or able to play a piece more difficult than his last performance.



  1. Yong Meng, 81380241 (mobile)



  1. Bring along some piano scores
  2. Bring some light snacks and drinks, if you want.
  3. Dress code: Casual
  4. This event is free, and does not require a ticket purchase.