FAQs: Pianovers Talents

What can I perform in Pianovers Talents?

We have our roots in piano solo performances, and will continue to retain this identity in Pianovers Meetup. In fact, from Pianovers Meetup #101 onwards, we have been exploring the versatility of the piano with additional instruments, and Pianovers Meetup has taken on a new format with the addition of Ensemble Performances.

An Ensemble Performance in Pianovers Meetup comprises (i) the piano, AND (ii) other instruments, including vocals. Pianovers can invite their fellow music-loving friends to perform as vocalists, violinists, or be part of an ensemble or band, together with Pianovers. The piano must be included in each ensemble performance.

In Pianovers Talents, we want to build an even bigger community of music lovers, and support a wider group of talents in Singapore. 

You can play the piano, violin, flute, cello, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, guzheng, erhu, pipa, or any other instrument, including vocals. You can even choose to perform as a solo, duet, or ensemble! We will continue to review this every month to meet the expectations of our Pianovers.

We currently support the following performances, including but not limited to:

  1. Solo any instrument, e.g.

    1. Solo Piano
    2. Solo Violin
  2. Duet, e.g.
    1. Piano Duet (requires only one piano)
  3. Ensemble, e.g.
    1. Piano + Violin
    2. Violin + Cello
    3. Bass Guitar + Drums
  4. Vocals
    1. Any instrument(s) + Vocals
    2. A Capella

We currently do not support the following performances:

  1. Solo vocals
  2. Piano duo (requires two pianos)

For further clarifications, contact us.

What is the dress code for Pianovers Talents?

For men, the dress code is usually a dress shirt and dress pants with suitable shoes that are pedal-friendly. Sneakers, boots or flip-flops are a no-no.

For the ladies, formal dresses or skirts that are at least knee length, conservative tops (that will stay in place during the performance) and low heels would be appropriate. Shoes that will affect the pedalling should be avoided.

The last thing a performer wants to worry about is whether the clothes he or she is wearing will hinder the performance. Fully-customised, well-fitting clothes for performance will take away this concern.

An experienced tailor would be able to provide proper advice to how the performance clothes should be. A customised set of clothes for the performer takes the distraction off improper attire that would otherwise be a hindrance during the performance.

If you need further advice, please contact us.

How do I get there?

Singapore Raffles Music College is located in Fragrance Empire Building, and its address is 456 Alexandra Rd, #09-02 S119962, Singapore 119962.

  1. MRT

    1. Take the MRT and alight at Labrador Park (Circle Line).
    2. Then take a 10min walk, which is fully sheltered, to Fragrance Empire Building.
  2. Bus
    1. The following bus service numbers stop in front of Fragrance Empire Building: 51, 57, 61, 93. 97, 97e, 100, 120, 166, 175, 963, 963R, 963e.
  3. Car / Motorcycle
    1. Fragrance Empire Building has its own carpark, with the following charges on Saturday.
    2. Car
      1. 7am to 10am, $2 per hour or part thereof.
      2. 10am to 12am - $2.50 per entry.
    3. Motorcycle
      1. All day - $0.75 per hour or part thereof.

After you have arrived at Fragrance Empire Building, take the lift to level 9, and turn left. 

How big can an ensemble performance be?

While we encourage ensemble performances; we are mindful of the (i) venue constraints and (ii) technical constraints we have. 

If your ensemble performance requires the use of many large instruments, the stage might not accommodate as many performers as another performance comprising smaller instruments.

Can I perform a piece that is more than 5 minutes long?

Each performance slot has a maximum playing time of 5 minutes, not limited by the number of pieces.

If your piece is more than 5 minutes, you can purchase an additional performance slot(s) necessary for the duration of your piece. 

Can I perform with a backing track?

All performances must be "live" and no backing track(s) must be used. 

Is a ticket necessary for a page turner?

A page turner will be present at the event. Thus, he/she will require either a Performer Ticket or Guest Ticket. 

What is the minimum age of a guest?

No admission for infants-in-arms and children below 6 years of age.

I still have further enquiries. Who can I contact?

Contact Yong Meng:

  1. WhatsApp - 8792 3477, or
  2. Email - yongmeng@thepiano.sg