Piano Appraisal


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How Much Is The Piano Worth

Buying a used piano often leads to the buyer guessing whether it is worth its selling price, and whether the piano's condition is generally good.

Increase your purchase confidence with a piano appraisal.


What Is A Piano Appraisal
Piano Appraisal

Piano appraisal is a document, or health report card, that is completed by an experienced piano technician when he examines the acoustic piano physically, and determines its estimated fair market value, and its current general condition.


Common Concerns


  1. What You’ll Need to Know About Piano Appraisals
    You could be looking to buy a pre-loved piano or selling your beloved piano. No matter the case, you’re probably wondering, “what is the current market value of the piano?” To have a good estimate, you will need a piano appraisal. But, what is a piano appraisal? Why do you need one? And how do you get one? Here we have some common questions about this topic and our answers to them! From the reasons why, to the process and tips when getting one, you’ll find all you need to know about piano appraisals. Learn more »


  2. Confessions of Piano Owners #1 - Who Spoilt The Piano
    Who knew that even a simple changing of hands for a used pianos could go wrong? Anna wanted to give her piano away, and was very confident that her piano was definitely in a good condition just before the piano was moved out. A day after Bella received the piano, she took a video showing the defects - several sticky keys and a few broken strings. Who's the culprit - Anna, Bella, or piano mover? Learn more »