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It's been a superb and incredible journey through the 148 Pianovers Meetups held since 2016.

However, we were challenged to allocate our resources wisely over the last few years, and we have decided to discontinue the weekly Pianovers Meetup indefinitely.

We would like to thank every Pianover for your amazing support, and hope that the moments that we all once shared will continue to warm our hearts and fuel further our passions for the piano and its community, always.

25 Mar 2022

Title(asc) Composer Num of times
Both Sides Now Joni Mitchell 1
Born Free John Barry 1
Boogie Woogie Stomp Albert Ammons 3
Boléro Maurice Ravel 1
Boku wa Tori ni Naru (If I Were A Bird) Kotaro Nakagawa 1
Bohemian Rhapsody Freddy Mercury 3
Bogoshipda (Miss You) Yoon Il-sang 3
Board The Ship Kevin Penkin 1
Blumenlied (Flower Song) Op. 39 Gustav Lange 1
Blues in the Attic Nikki Iles 1
Blue Bells of Scotland Dorothea Jordan 2
Blood Moon Waltz Brian Hyunjoon Kim 1
Black Hole Sun Chris Cornell 1
Black Eyes Traditional Russian 2
Bingo Anonymous 1
Beyond the Sea Albert Lasry 1
Beyond the Sea Charles Trenet 1
Besame Mucho Consuelo Velázquez 4
Berceuse Op. 57 Frédéric Chopin 1
Berceuse Stephen Heller 2
Bengawan Solo Gesang Martohartono 3
Belle (from Beauty And The Beast) Alan Menken 1
Belaian Jiwa Simon Lee 1
Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone 1
Beautiful Sunday Rod McQueen 1