ABRSM, Practical, Grade 3
Completed, and awarded Merit
About Me

Hi, I'm Yu En Shayne! I love dance and music. I started to learn ballet since age 3. When I was toddler, my mom introduced me piano. We played for fun. Sometimes, my mom played piano and I choreographed my dance steps. I listened to classical music since young and those music are kind of soothing songs to me. Of course, I love something silly, funny music too. I love to laugh aloud, I feel very elated! 

Beside piano and dance, I started to learn singing as well this year, since September. I love many songs, but I found myself lack of skills. My teacher is very nice, and I will learn well from her. 

Currently, I'm preparing my practical exam ABRSM grade 5 Theory and Practical. My mom would like me to play easy (without fear) in front of a group of people so to train my courage. I believe I will improve in my performance gradually and keep trying in every opportunity I have. 

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