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About Me

After more than a decade, I started playing the piano again in 2018 thanks to Pianovers.

Music has always been a part of my life. My favourite genres include oldies, musicals, Kdrama OSTs and piano instrumental music: Maksim motivates me in the gym. Richard Clayderman helps me to endure 4-hour long bus journeys. Joe Hisaishi inspires me when I need to get my creative juices flowing.

I hope to share my favourite pieces from various genres with fellow pianovers and expand my musical repertoire.

Short term goals for 2019: Learn how to do a glissando and attempt a piano 4 hands piece.
Long term goals: Learn improvisation skills and play without music sheet (one fine day!).

Piano Performances in Pianovers Events
Title Pianovers Events Duration
Carols of the Bells Meetup #106 (Christmas Themed) 2m 50s
Yuki no Hana (Snow Flower) Meetup #102 3m 38s
Lyric Pieces, Op. 71, No. 3 (Puck) Meetup #97 1m 16s
Setia Meetup #93 1m 44s
Theme from Once Upon A Time In China Meetup #90 2m 35s
Lyphard Melody Meetup #86 2m 17s
14m 20s
Ensemble Performances in Pianovers Events
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