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Jaeyong Kang is a New-age Composer and Pianist from South Korea. Jaeyong Kang’s piano talent was discovered at a young age and he started learning the piano since he was 6. He was instructed in the Czerny piano method and participated in piano competitions in Busan, where he won the Grand Prize(children’s category) 2 times. Thanks to his Perfect-pitch sense and excellent memory, Jaeyong can learn and play any tune by ear and over a thousand songs from memory (You can see some of his playlist here : Playlist). He excels in pleasing any crowd by being able to perform his repertoire in various styles/moods or making improvisations and arrangements instantly. Jaeyong has also composed his own works for solo piano and has officially released 6 music tracks available on itunes and Spotify etc. Since 2017, Jaeyong has been traveling around the globe in order to fulfill his dream of sharing his music with audiences from around the world. During his musical odyssey, he has been invited to perform for a variety of corporate and private events and venues in South Korea, Prague, Czech republic, and Singapore. Charmed by his versatile talent and yet humble and gentle demeanour, he has acquired many fans who follow him on his Youtube channel (link). Currently, Jaeyong enjoys finding public pianos to give free performances and entertain passerbys. Besides dedicating most of his time to music, Jaeyong has also taken a few fledgling pianists under his wing.

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