Ordering photographs

Photographic images in Photo Albums

ThePiano.SG displays photographic images in the Photo Albums for the purpose of viewing and reference. Unauthorised use or reproduction of the photographs or photographic images in the Photo Albums is not permitted. 

Ordering photographic images in Photo Albums

To acquire a non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, non-transferable right to use and reproduce the photographic images in our Photo Albums, please make payment first, and email ThePiano.SG providing details of the photographic images you wish to order:

  1. Name of Photo Album
  2. Caption of Photo (Click on the photo to see the caption)

No ownership or copyright in any image shall pass to the requestor or user as a result of ThePiano.SG providing the images to the requestor or user.

The photographic images may not be used for any unlawful purpose or use or to defame any person or violate any person’s right of privacy or in any manner contrary to the public interest.

Upon agreement by ThePiano.SG to provide the ordered images, the order will be processed upon payment of applicable fees.

Digital copies of the photographic images will be provided. 

Additional terms & conditions governing usage

  1. Requestor and user agree to assume all responsibility for safekeeping and use of the copies of photographic images obtained from ThePiano.SG. These should be used in a respectful manner without altering the photographic images in any manner. The copies provided by ThePiano.SG must not be handed over to other parties by the requestor and they shall be properly destroyed once the original usage declared to ThePiano.SG has been completed.
  2. It is the requestor’s and user’s responsibility to ensure that any party engaged or employed or contracted to carry out work with the images do not retain the images after the work is completed and the images are not handed over to or transmitted to any other party.
  3. Requestor and user must agree to display an acknowledgement or credit line as provided by ThePiano.SG with each photographic image used or reproduced.
  4. It is the requestor's and user's responsibility to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is the sole responsibility of the requestor and user.
  5. An order is only formally placed with ThePiano.SG when ThePiano.SG receives a properly completed order email. An offer will be made by ThePiano.SG in the form of a quotation for the photographic images that ThePiano.SG can provide. ThePiano.SG’s offer will automatically lapse after 3 months from the date of the quotation if the quotation is not accepted with ThePiano.SG receiving payment for the order. Any subsequent request for images will have to be submitted through a fresh order email.


Digital copies of photographic images will be provided only upon payment of an amount consisting of an Administrative Fees. Administrative Fees are charged in recognition of the cost of managing the photographs and in administering and servicing requests for copies of photographic images.

Orders for reproduction of photographs will be processed when all approvals for reproduction and use of the photographic images have been given and upon receipt of the applicable payment.


Administrative fees

  1. Category 1
    Administrative Fee at S$15.00 per photographic image, per usage applies to the use of photograph for personal, educational or cultural activities, whether for informational or illustrative purposes in publications, newsletters, public service broadcast programmes and for display.
  2. Category 2
    Administrative Fee at S$25.00 per photographic image, per usage applies to the use of photograph for product development or commercial use, including in all forms of merchandising, broadcast programmes, display in businesses and advertisements. 


What You Should Know Before You Place Your Order

The digital images that ThePiano.SG provides are dependent on the quality of pictures as received, and their quality can vary. The digital images provided are of custom (not exhibition) quality and may differ from the copy shown online. 

After receiving payment for an order, 3 working days are required for the reproduction of digital images. ThePiano.SG will email the digital images to you via “DropBox”.