Limelight 2019, Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band

Limelight 2019, Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band
21 May 2019
Esplanade Concert Hall

Join the Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band (VJCSB) as they spark your imagination with a night of fantasia. Under the baton of music director Adrian Chiang, the band will be presenting a series of fantasy-themed pieces. Transcending through space and time, VJCSB will be playing a variety of works that aims to trigger various emotions.

Hop onto the Orient Express, a piece composed by Philip Sparke, and embark on a night of fantasy! Imagine yourself as the protagonist who fights off evil forces with your Giant Robo in an exhilarating journey together in a dystopian world with GR Selections by Masamichi Amano. Be regaled with Adventure Tale of Professor Alex by Daisuke Shimizu as you follow a mysterious map to seek ancient treasures and the fountain of youth.

Since its formation in 1984, VJC Symphonic Band has endeavoured to nurture its students' musical proficiency and to develop in them a life-long interest in music. In this spirit, the band has staged numerous public concerts over the years and has participated actively in the Singapore Youth Festival, garnering top awards.

Bringing the arts to communities in need through Limelight
Half of the ticket proceeds will go towards supporting Esplanade’s community engagement programmes that bring the arts to at-risk youth, the elderly, people with special needs, and other underserved communities.