VCH Presents Beethoven Heroic Years - Sharing Recital

Hsin-Yun Huang, and Luca Buratto
28 May 2017
Victoria Concert Hall

For an even more expansive journey through Beethoven Heroic Years on top of our Evening Concert, join violist Hsin-Yun Huang and pianist Luca Buratto in an afternoon Sharing Recital session, where they observe Beethoven's push on the limitations of the classical form in parallel with 20th century trailblazer Ligeti's experimentation on rhythm -- through Beethoven's iconic 'Appassionata' Sonata (from his Heroic period); his Cello Sonata Op. 102 No. 2 (marking the start of his Late Years); Ligeti's études for Solo Piano; and his Solo Viola Sonata.

In 1802, a 32-year-old Beethoven retreated away from Vienna to the countryside town of Heiligenstadt, in hope of recovering from a steady loss of hearing that had already begun 3 years before.

At the end of this stay, Beethoven came to face the cold hard fact that his hearing may never improve; and from this came an outpouring of his deepest struggles in one of his most carefully studied letters, the 'Heiligenstadt Testament' where he wrote of his suffering and his yearning to end it by suicide.

But, he wrote on, 'Only art held me back. Ah, it seemed impossible to leave the world until I had produced all that I felt was within me; and so I spared this wretched life - '

And from then, came a new burst of energy and a new sense of determination. He produced in the next decade, what would be a period marked by great heroism and a new expansiveness, his 3rd Symphony 'Eroica', his 5th Symphony, the 'Razumovsky Quartets', the Violin Concerto, his 4th Piano Concerto, and the 'Waldstein' and 'Appassionata' Piano Sonatas.

Beethoven Heroic Years' is held in collaboration with Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series.  



  1. Hsin-Yun Huang, viola

  2. Luca Buratto, piano



  1. Beethoven
    Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor,
    Op. 57 'Appassionata'
  2. Ligeti
    Viola Sonata select movements
  3. Ligeti
    Etudes for Solo Piano Book 3
  4. Beethoven
    Cello Sonata No. 5 in D major,
    Op. 102 No. 2