Tiny Piano
Tiny Piano, Cover image

Tiny Piano is like a manual Jukebox. It comes with 390 songs, with 150 of them free. And you just need to tap anywhere on the piano to play the next note in the song! The faster you tap, the faster the song plays. Pure entertainment, period. 

Virtuoso Piano Free 4
Virtuoso Piano Free 4, Cover Image

Virtuoso Piano Free 4 is an extremely simple to use piano app, and the learning curve is virtually none. On Apple AppStore, it is described to have over 30 million users, and the award nominated piano app is back and it sounds better than ever. With 8 high quality multi-layered pianos, recorded into over 1300 samples, Virtuoso Piano is the most wonderful sounding application you've ever heard in a mobile device. And it's still free. After 6 years.

Mini Piano ®, App Icon
Mini Piano ®, Cover Image

Mini Piano ® is a fun on the go App which you can use right off the bat with its intuitive interface, and it's great for kids and adults. It is available on Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Windows Marketplace, all for free. There are In-App Purchase (IAA) and In-App Advertisements (IAP). Its features include a set of full scalable 88 piano keys, choosing from different instruments to play, custom engineered 44100khz sampled audio, recording and saving your own tunes, choosing from many popular songs, new songs added weekly, three songs modes - Watch and Listen, Easy Play and Learn; a built-in selection of beats, and Global Leaderboards.

Classical Music I: Master's Collection Vol. 1: App Icon
Classical Music I: Master's Collection Vol. 1: Cover image

Unlike most of the piano apps, Classic Music I: Master's Collection Vol. 1 behaves more like a jukebox, playing classical music from its list - 120 of the world's greatest masterpieces at top quality. It claims to be the #1 Classical Music App Worldwide, and one of the top Music, Education and Productivity Apps in Apple's AppStore.